Saturday, February 20, 2016

Celia versus Audrey II

Had a little breakfast and I dyed my hair (picked it up yesterday). It looks like the last time I dyed my hair was back in December. Same dark brown color. I'm feeling prepared and ready to go for my interview! Gotta look like a composed person! Hire me!

After washing out the dye, I went over to Celia's and hung out. Snacked, I drew, we watched Hot Fuzz and Roman Mars' video about vexillology. I posted the Alaska mug on the vexillology forum I'm a part of, and it was very popular!

Celia like Hot Fuzz. Just the right amount of tolerable violence. And I noticed something I didn't notice before! I always do when watching Hot Fuzz.

Now I'm chilling. Going to set an alarm. Gotta get up early to prepare, and also pop over to Celia's and see if she needs anything because I'll be gone all day tomorrow.

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Lisa Pedersen said...

Love your Celia versus Audrey II cartoon! Love, love, love it!