Saturday, April 5, 2014


The rain gutter woke me up at 4am. It rattles. The downside of all this great rain.

Got up early for work. Hurray! Starting early to get a jump on things. And what a jump! 8 color back and it looked amazing, but it took three rotations to print, so it took a while. And 7 color front, and only two rotos, so that went faster! Ryan caught shirts during the start, so I worked on banners and prep. Then I stepped in to catch. I was so tired all through the day and just...well tired. Really needed a nap. But we got it done and it looked so damn good! It was an awesome day. Everyone was in good spirits, despite working so hard.

It's good to work hard for good work.

I took a little nap when I got home. Then I got a second wind. Wind enough to watch Hannibal. Now imma read and go to sleep properly.

11:06am edit:
I also added some art to my website: trilliantrillian.com when I realized I hadn't updated it in almost a year! Mostly sketches and a few illustrations.

Friday, April 4, 2014

a fairly mellow Thursday with good humor

Work is really busy now! So many jobs coming up! We have an 8 color front & back due tomorrow, so it'll probably be a very long day. I'm starting at 9:30 which is some clue.

Today was awesome though. Really the perfect mash of Jeff on the press, Ryan helping, Nick doing hats, and me doing the tertiary stuff. Finished jerseys. Counted in several jobs worth of shirts. We are implementing a new box labeling system, so that is neat. I like labels. I also tallied screens (again) and burned screens and generally helped out. I like being the helper/tidying third person. It's a nice blend of skills I can do and variety of tasks.

At home I had some potstickers and washed my towels and watched TV.

Time to go to bed! Work starts early, and hopefully I'll be out on time.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Got up early and got to work early so that I could leave early to see the Mary Roach talk! Yay!

What a day! Boss was gone for the first 2/3s. I did hats, burned screens, printed hat transfers, and then did some banners, counted out shirts, started some jerseys. Boss got a new NEW hire: Jason. I think he'll be helping with vinyl application? Anyway. I did some jerseys then I coated screens.

A full day! And damn busy. Andrew stopped by for a bit to pick up some signs. Nick did hats. Ryan reclaimed. Lots of running about and trading jobs this way and that. Whew! So busy.

I changed at work into not-work clothes (well just my shirt and sweater) and headed downtown for the Mary Roach signing at Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Oh it wasn't raining today. It was nice, though a bit chilly.

Anyway. Parked in the CVS parking lot because who cares about paying for parking and wandered the bookstore and made note of books to try samples of on my Kindle. I grabbed a seat nearer to the back of the set out chair ( because people had come early and grabbed spots). I was next to Melissa, a very nice couples counselor with the prettiest face I've seen in a while. And so friendly! We talked about travel and experiences and weighing the things a person has done versus their creative output. This guy who was seated in front of me looked so much like Stephen Mangan, and I even told him so. And when he looked him up he was like "that does look like me!"

Mary Roach was spectacular. Funny, blunt, no bashfulness. Just really sweet and smiley and anecdotal but also brilliant. Love her so much. And when I had my copy of Gulp signed, she knew where my name was from! And she signed a 42 in the book. She's so great. Absolutely wonderful.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Another soggy day. Good!

I got to work a bit early, and wasn't feeling too well all through the day. Just not firing on all barrels ya know? The job today was just so... argh complex. Several styles of shirts requiring color changes. And different inks based on what to print. And different sizes of shirts and stuff. Just a whole big pile of stuff. I showed Nick and Ryan how to do pole banners. I taped screens. I pressed hats.

At home I had some mac n cheese and then took a lengthy bath to relax.

Mary Roach is going to be at Book Shop Santa Cruz tomorrow! Yay! Gotta go to work early so I can get out early and see my girl Mary.

Monday, March 31, 2014

march ending

A full day with full rain! Hurray! Have I mentioned that California is experiencing a drought? Well it is.

I coated screens and showed Nick how to coat screens. He did a very good job! Nice and even. I also showed him how to work the heat transfer press a bit. And I taped screens and burned some later on in the day and caught a job and broke down the press. The day went surprisingly fast.

I held down the fort at home, then Jeff and I played the Marrying Mr. Darcy card game I Kickstarted. I lost! I was unable to marry Mr. Darcy. I ended up an old maid. Then popcorn was made and we three (+Tara) watched a bit of Big Trouble.

Nice to have a full day of work. We got lotsa stuff going on soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

rain & shine & clouds


Slept in and had no idea how the weekend would turn out. Got a text from Nate inviting me to a coworker's Santa Cruz birthday shindig. I would know some of the people there, so not totally awkward. Nate wouldn't be there. So I just showed up with a six pack of beer and was like "hiiii everybody!". The party was for Marco, who I met about 2 years ago at a MachineZone function. Also there were Jai, Alan, and Garth, and a whole slew of other really nice people. There was BBQ and beer and good conversation about all sorts of things. There was a noise complaint at 7pm though, jeeze! So I joined in on a mini bar crawl (there was a designated driver, of course). We went downtown to Asti, Poet & Patriot, and 99 Bottles. Not the biggest of crawls, but fun! It was raining though, which is probably why the bars were so empty. I of course stopped drinking early in the crawl, because I was to drive home.

A nice night out.


After a muddled morning of stuff happening, I had some eggs benedict at Zachary's.

Then I hung about. Did a Trader Joe's run. It was a much nicer day with all the sunshine and stuff.

This weekend went by fast! I need another day.