Saturday, April 5, 2014


The rain gutter woke me up at 4am. It rattles. The downside of all this great rain.

Got up early for work. Hurray! Starting early to get a jump on things. And what a jump! 8 color back and it looked amazing, but it took three rotations to print, so it took a while. And 7 color front, and only two rotos, so that went faster! Ryan caught shirts during the start, so I worked on banners and prep. Then I stepped in to catch. I was so tired all through the day and just...well tired. Really needed a nap. But we got it done and it looked so damn good! It was an awesome day. Everyone was in good spirits, despite working so hard.

It's good to work hard for good work.

I took a little nap when I got home. Then I got a second wind. Wind enough to watch Hannibal. Now imma read and go to sleep properly.

11:06am edit:
I also added some art to my website: trilliantrillian.com when I realized I hadn't updated it in almost a year! Mostly sketches and a few illustrations.

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