Saturday, December 21, 2013

test run

Auntie Janet is having a sixties themed birthday party, so naturally I wanted to try out makeup before the big day. I swung by Ulta and got some false lashes just for the occassion. Falsies can be used a couple times, so I only got the one pair. Don't think I'll add them to my regular routine. THAT BEING SAID I did really like how long my lashes looked with them on. I felt all flittery and elegant. I want to practice it a little more, and maybe try a few different tutorials. Still, yay! Fun things are afoot.

I talked to Ma in the morning.

My secret santa gift arrived AND my Ladies of Heavy Metal calendar (my friend Leah's project, which I helped Kickstarter). My secret santa was TOFFEE! Yumm! Good start to the day.

But also a slow start. I didn't get onto my errands till 3ish. I did bang out a couple paintings later on. But I still don't have a packed suitcase. I need to get on that. Now. Right when I'm done writing this blog post. Which isss....


Friday, December 20, 2013

finished for 2013

I painted my nails in a rainbow. Red on the far left pinky, to violet on the far right one. The rainbow at the end of a hectic week! Wheeew!


Ran this job. Weeded vinyl. Weeded more vinyl. Ended up staying late working on the vinyl. Things were not as orderly as they ought to be. We are working on it, but there has been some turn over and it's taking time sorting itself out, though considering how busy we are....it's not the best time. Ah. Oh well. Don't want to go into too much detail here on this public blog. Busy is good! And I'm setting up jobs like a champ, so that rocks.

Took a nice hot bath when I got home and went to bed at a respectable hour because I agreed to show up at work at 9am.


I got doughnuts on the way to work, because I figured people would like doughnuts. I bought and consumed two custard doughnuts. Balanced breakfast! We ran a bunch of jobs. Fronts, backs, lefts chests, sleeves. I broke down the press. Set it up. Caught. Counted shirts. There were a few hiccups, but no one lost an arm. It was a long shift, but getting there early still made it feel like I was getting out in good time.

Yaaay! I'm on vacation!

Got home. Had some tea and hummus and chips and all that good stuff. It's nice to leave on a Sunday because I don't have to stress about doing the whole travel thing RIGHT when I'm done with work.

So tomorrow... sort out a few last minute gits. Clean my room. Pack. THEN I GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! YAAAY!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Wednesday down! Two more days to go! Whoooo!

I weeded some vinyl. I burned some screens. Coated some screens. There was a Costco run that resulted in MORE HOT DOGS AND PIZZA! Yay! I set up the job and Jeff said I was really good at setting up screens.

The day moved along. Didn't go fast, didn't go slow. Just went along.

Got home. Did my laundry. Ate some foody food. Folded laundry.

Worked on prezzies. The one I ordered yesterday showed up as being shipped. Come on Christmas Miracle!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

printorama & pressorama

Printed my Christmas Print! Yay! I'm pretty stoked on this one. It went off without a hitch. Psyched to give it to people. Whooo! I should print more things. It only takes a few hours after work.

I was allocated to heat transfer pressing. We had a small order of jerseys to get done ASAP, and they had lots of little bits to be put on. Loooots of little bits. But since I was in my own little corner of the shop, I got to listen to stuff. Yay. I like my stuff.

I also coated screens and weeded vinyl. A full 8 hour day, then my own printing! Which was fun.

Got home. Made some pasta. Ate a bit of it with sauce for dinner, but most went to a tupperware for tomorrow's lunch. Easy peasy. We've got a lot of work to do in the next few days!

Then I go hoooome! I just ordered another present and I hope it arrives it time to give it to the person I want to give the present to. Ohhhh.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ciao and hello to a new person in January

Back at it! I put my tunes on the radio using the tape adapter. Electric Six, Cake, Kaiser Chiefs, and White Stripes were the days mix.

Also I set up the job like a PRO! Needed no tweaking. That felt awesome. Ran the job. Well traded off a bit with Jeff. I counted some shirts in, because it was a bonkers order. Three different piles, with mens and ladies tees, and mens and ladies long sleeves, and hoodies and windbreakers. Like...what? And some were black, some were white, some were gray, some were "asphalt" whatever color THAT is.

Not a shabby day. It was even warm!

Got home to this month's house meeting. Well first we ate dinner. My sauce, Tara's pasta. Mmm. Very savory on the second day.

Justen is moving out! He has some job thing down in San Diego, so he is going to do that. The meeting went well.

Didn't work on art like I ought. I'll work on art tomorrow.

Monday, December 16, 2013

elementary drawing

Quick Sherlock from CBS' Elementary. Love it when he cooks.

getting it done

Today went by fast and I managed to be productive! Got up early and made a grocery run. Got the pasta sauce going. It ended up being a loooot of sauce. Not sure how I'll enjoy that over the coming week for lunch. Hopefully a lot of it gets eaten at the house meeting tomorrow.

I did one Christmas painting. I bought the paper for my Christmas print and I watched Somm on Netflix Instant while I designed the print. So I've got that done. Just need to print it some time this week. Booyah.

The movie Somm was okay. It didn't really get into wine history like it could have, nor the stories of the dudes testing for the thing.

Had some pasta for dinner. Liked the sauce. I didn't add the marjoram because they didn't have marjoram at Trader Joe's, nor in our spice cupboard.

My to-do list is looking manageable, so that is good. Time to write a "by the end of the week" one!