Friday, February 6, 2015

lights, wind, action!


Another day of working from home! More photos uploaded, more TV watched, more sitting on the couch staying warm. It's been raining, raining, raining. I took a nice bath and read The Blazing World. Didn't leave the house for groceries. I can't tell the age of mice poops. I can't tell if they just showed up, or they've been here for a while and I haven't gotten around to cleaning it. So I'm keeping an eye on the surfaces I've cleaned.


Also didn't leave the house. It's so rainy! Just rain and rain and rain! All day. It's good for keeping everything wet and watered, but wow does it not want to make a person leave the house.

I did some more work from home research and finished getting all the items online with photos (well there's still another batch of things, but I'll save that for when I do the batch that I'm going to photograph tomorrow.

I forgot I was hard boiling eggs, and I heard popping and remembered I was hard boiling eggs. I don't think the pot is ruined, but those three eggs sure are.


And my power went out right as I was finishing my post, so sorry that I was unable to get it up!

So my power went out, I called PUD and it was back an hour or so later, good for them! It was a sopping wet night for it, too.

Work was relatively laid back. I sorted out these usb cords and coaxial cables and got them in boxes. I did some computer stuff. I did some looking at antiques stuff. Some organizing. It ended up being a shorter day, but it was good to come in and work.

Afterwards I met Ma and Pa at Tizley's Europub in Poulsbo. A little up the stairs place, with beer on tap and schnitzle a plenty. I had the German Irishman sandwich, and half is saved for left overs. We chatted bird watching and travel plans and jokes and sass. A good dinner all around! And I paid my bills, but it's good to pay bills. Doesn't suck so bad when it's going to a good place.

I was all "here's car repair, and insurance, and insurance, and energy" and mom said "it looks more like margaritas in Mexico!" so that'll be good for them. Now I just gotta sign up for health insurance and I'm gold!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

tempting the sickness fates

I won't be working on site again till Friday! But I've got more than enough on my end. In the past two days I've been adding items to the store, researching them, editing the descriptions, finding rough shipping costs, and also getting info for shipping the chairs! We sold them! Finally!

I did make a grocery run yesterday, but neglect to buy chips and dip. Oh well. I'll make another run tomorrow, just to...you know..get out of the house.

A CenturyLink guy came by to check our connection power.

But yeah, I've just been sitting in front of my computer doing my job. The online shop is getting mega huge now!

My body for a second was feeling like it might get sick, so I shoved more salad into it. Hope that does something. Some day I will get sick again, but it shant be today! Actually, outside of food poisoning, I haven't been properly sick at all in my 20's. I've had a few 24 hour colds but nothing really debilitating. I'm a super gal!

Monday, February 2, 2015



Celia and I went into Port Townsend for an Auntie & Niece night out. We got tickets to The Homesman, and then went to Hanazono and split an order of sushi, gyoza, tea, and ramen! A hearty warm meal. We gobbled it down and cleared our plates, then came time for Elevated Ice Cream! Because we still had time for elevated before the showing. I had the chocolate overload, and it was good as Elevated always is. I wore my long gabardine coat and felt like a detective.

Then! The Homesman! Tommy Lee Jones directing a women about the harsh West and women with mental health problems and compassion and stuff. A few bits of the movie needed more build up/clarity, but I'd rather watch a problematic movie that actually addresses the existence of women then another Nolan whatever.

Back at home I watched The Skeleton Twins and cried magnificently. Some movies have subject matter I just shouldn't watch. I drew two Hourly Comic Day comics, then went to bed.


Was woken up to find out that the chairs had sold! So I set about researching how to transport six dining room chairs to Brooklyn! Wow! Very expensive.

Today being February 1st means that it was Hourly Comic Day! So I did that alongside making a fire in the fireplace, eating pasta, cleaning the surfaces. The problem with coffee grounds is you want to make sure they are not mice poops, so I'm trading out the compost for a self contained little bin, instead of the side thing on the sink that leaks coffee grounds into the sink. Had a nice warm day. Worked from home. Started reading The Blazing World. Hopefully we can get the chairs out by the end of the day tomorrow!

Need to make a food run. Once I figure out UPS. Gas is ludicrously low.