Monday, February 2, 2015



Celia and I went into Port Townsend for an Auntie & Niece night out. We got tickets to The Homesman, and then went to Hanazono and split an order of sushi, gyoza, tea, and ramen! A hearty warm meal. We gobbled it down and cleared our plates, then came time for Elevated Ice Cream! Because we still had time for elevated before the showing. I had the chocolate overload, and it was good as Elevated always is. I wore my long gabardine coat and felt like a detective.

Then! The Homesman! Tommy Lee Jones directing a women about the harsh West and women with mental health problems and compassion and stuff. A few bits of the movie needed more build up/clarity, but I'd rather watch a problematic movie that actually addresses the existence of women then another Nolan whatever.

Back at home I watched The Skeleton Twins and cried magnificently. Some movies have subject matter I just shouldn't watch. I drew two Hourly Comic Day comics, then went to bed.


Was woken up to find out that the chairs had sold! So I set about researching how to transport six dining room chairs to Brooklyn! Wow! Very expensive.

Today being February 1st means that it was Hourly Comic Day! So I did that alongside making a fire in the fireplace, eating pasta, cleaning the surfaces. The problem with coffee grounds is you want to make sure they are not mice poops, so I'm trading out the compost for a self contained little bin, instead of the side thing on the sink that leaks coffee grounds into the sink. Had a nice warm day. Worked from home. Started reading The Blazing World. Hopefully we can get the chairs out by the end of the day tomorrow!

Need to make a food run. Once I figure out UPS. Gas is ludicrously low.

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