Friday, February 6, 2015

lights, wind, action!


Another day of working from home! More photos uploaded, more TV watched, more sitting on the couch staying warm. It's been raining, raining, raining. I took a nice bath and read The Blazing World. Didn't leave the house for groceries. I can't tell the age of mice poops. I can't tell if they just showed up, or they've been here for a while and I haven't gotten around to cleaning it. So I'm keeping an eye on the surfaces I've cleaned.


Also didn't leave the house. It's so rainy! Just rain and rain and rain! All day. It's good for keeping everything wet and watered, but wow does it not want to make a person leave the house.

I did some more work from home research and finished getting all the items online with photos (well there's still another batch of things, but I'll save that for when I do the batch that I'm going to photograph tomorrow.

I forgot I was hard boiling eggs, and I heard popping and remembered I was hard boiling eggs. I don't think the pot is ruined, but those three eggs sure are.


And my power went out right as I was finishing my post, so sorry that I was unable to get it up!

So my power went out, I called PUD and it was back an hour or so later, good for them! It was a sopping wet night for it, too.

Work was relatively laid back. I sorted out these usb cords and coaxial cables and got them in boxes. I did some computer stuff. I did some looking at antiques stuff. Some organizing. It ended up being a shorter day, but it was good to come in and work.

Afterwards I met Ma and Pa at Tizley's Europub in Poulsbo. A little up the stairs place, with beer on tap and schnitzle a plenty. I had the German Irishman sandwich, and half is saved for left overs. We chatted bird watching and travel plans and jokes and sass. A good dinner all around! And I paid my bills, but it's good to pay bills. Doesn't suck so bad when it's going to a good place.

I was all "here's car repair, and insurance, and insurance, and energy" and mom said "it looks more like margaritas in Mexico!" so that'll be good for them. Now I just gotta sign up for health insurance and I'm gold!

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