Thursday, June 23, 2016

it's fine to age

Well the previous two days I worked. Did a day of toilets while Ginger handled the rest, then today I did most of "the rest" while we traded off different floor and scrubbing duties. One couple did not leave till right before my shift ended, so I got in and made a little bit of extra money finishing their room. But we got all the other fluffs done in record time. I made a different coconut curry chicken recipe and it is THE BOMB. So juicy and a nice peanuty flavor. Needs more heat though. Next time I'll amp up the chili powder.

And today after work I drove over to Silverdale and spent like a while hour in Target suffering through trying on swimsuits. I did find a really cute bikini that has a racer back, so I can do away with the tops that dig into my neck. But most of the styles had a clasp back, which is no good for me because the large sizes had no support that way. But I got a cute bikini. First swimsuit I've bought in.... six years? And then I went over to Kohl's to look at dresses and I found a marine blue one that Karen approved of as a color (supposed to be navy for bridesmaid) and I might still keep looking because the dress was on major clearance markdown so if I find something cute that's navy then I'll have two bomb blue dresses! And there was a second dress in clearance from JLo's line that is hella funky and was also super marked down that I got. Did you know Kohl's has 70%-90% clearance racks? There's a lot of not good stuff, but damn these two dresses marked down saved me $110 if I had bought them at full price. Ridiculous.

I read an article that warned drinking with a straw will give you wrinkles from, the suction I guess?? And it was just so frustrating like yay, more behavior to monitor in order to avoid the ravages of age!!

After shopping I picked up dad at the airporter dropoff and brought him home. We chatted and I saw super cute photos of baby Kaylee. What a little darling!

Back home I drew the comic and now it's beddy bye time.

Monday, June 20, 2016

clean house, clean nose

Spent the last two days hanging around the house. I tidied. I did laundry. I washed all my hankies, new and old. Did dishes upon dishes. Lit a fire because it was actually blustery and cold. Lots of wind. Thunder rolled over yesterday. Played Faster Than Light. Really nice to not go anywhere. I've been moving around a lot the past month and a half. Time to simmer a bit.

And now to have five days out of the house getting about & doing things!

I think I'm going to take another crack at curry tomorrow.

And the hankies were a really good deal for the quality and quantity! I only have two modern bought hankies and they are awful.