Friday, April 10, 2015


Hey! I'm blogging on the night of the day! And I'm not like summing up a few days. Go me!

So I did a lot of data entry today. Work from home. Entering this into that. Listened to bunches of podcasts. Pretty chill day, and it was sopping wet so perfect for doing home stuff.

Had pasta and a scramble and cookies. Not all at once. I put a few books on hold at the library. Plan on picking them up before I head out for California. I need to write out an official what to bring list, and see what last shopping I need to do.

I picked up two tickets to see Emily Heller in Seattle on May 16th! Going to see her with Chris, who I'm long overdue for a meet up and chit chat. I haven't seen any stand up, outside of an open mic, so I'm stoked for that. This is a full set, so that's something. And I tweeted about getting the tickets and Emily Heller retweeted me! Big time!

But yeah, I gotta get out of the house more and go do stuff. So I'm doing that!

solstice, that is the color

Well my Internet is down, so I can’t upload…so I’ll just write up three days worth of posts and post it hopefully on Thursday.


Worked from home doing work from home stuff. Edited photos. Edited online stuff. I’ve been watching Fresh Off The Boat, which is pretty cute.


Worked on site! Helped pack things, and organize, and photograph, and also discussed business strategems. Boss treated me to lunch out, and we both had the eggs benedict but consumed in very different manners. And my government check went through so now I have sweet, sweet moolah!

Afterwork I did some shopping in Silverdale. I went to Sephora to see if they had this eyeshadow (this shining blue/brown color) but they didn’t have it (also I need to make sure it was an Urban Decay brand of eye shadow, it may not have been). On the way to Sephora, I walked through JC Penney and there was this CUTE pineapple pattern dress, and I tried it on and it fit and it looks so cute. It’s a great length, it’s not dry clean only. Love it, bought it. Oh and it was on sale.

A Target run later, I went to see It Follows at the Regal in Poulsbo. It was a horror movie, more atmospheric then gore slasher type stuff. I’d heard good buzz, so why not? It was indeed freaky and had some great camera work and excellent plinky plonky music. If you want a horror movie, watch this one! And I was only a little bit scared walking back to my 


Internet was down all day! Well it came back when I did a bunch of resets, but only for a few minutes then it went away again. Harumpf! So I watched what TV I had, ate pasta, listened to podcasts, edited photos for work, and negotiated with Celia who would be here tomorrow to talk to the CenturyLink guy about it. I’m staying and hoping he comes early so I could head into work, otherwise I’ll work on Sunday. Ma & Pa, expect my paycheck to be mailed maybe!
So that’s a bummer.

Hopefully the internet guy comes early, and I can go to work and I can get the internet up and all that…ho hummm.


Internet is back!!! I got up early and then hung around Celia's when I got the headsup that the guy was coming in to check the line. The modem was faulty, so he replaced it and now we have internet again, hurray!

I packed up, put on better clothes, and went to work. I photographed and boxed up lamps and things. Then worked on editing down photos. Had pasta and pizza for lunch. Mmm carbs and red sauce.

I deposited my paychecks and withdrew some money and tucked that money into an envelope and gave it to Mom and Dad at the Audubon meeting in Poulsbo, then I went home and had dinner and relaxed and watched TV and got caught up on the Internet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The internet at Pulali is down.

But not my phooone!

But yeah there will be a blog soon.

I saw It Follows and bought a cute dress. Those are the main highlights that you are missing.

Monday, April 6, 2015



Spent the day with Aaron, with whom I am now exclusive. Not officially boyfriend-meet-the-family-and-friends but hey, it's something! And he's cute and I like him a whole bunch. Anyway, spent the day with him. We got lunch at Hare & Hounds/Hound & Hares in Poulsbo. Split onion rings and fish and chips and had a pint each. Then we walked around downtown and checked out the book shops. I turned my back on him for a second, and in that second he found a hydraulic handbook. Ha!

I also presented him with some chives for his garden, which he was very appreciative of. I didn't stay over.


Woke up before 9 and went back to sleep. Eventually rolled out of bed at noon. Had a scramble, and later some cast iron cooked green beans and the barley wine ale that was 10.5% abv and was a bit intense. Also had a fire going and sat in front of it and read, and chatted with Celia for a bit. Nice mellow Sunday. Now I'm watching Mad Men!

Another week begins.