Saturday, March 23, 2013

Franco, what a hoot!

Weekend! Spring Brea-oh wait, I'm not in college and I have a job. Spring weekend!

It was a solo day. I ran a mail errand before work. Good ol' post office. At work I started by reclaiming 10 screens, then I cleaned the ones that didn't have tape, then I removed the tape from the ones that had tape, then I coated a few of the reclaimed screens with Aquasol emulsion, then I cleaned the rest of the screens, then I reclaimed 15 screens at the end. Not a full day, which was nice. Just me and Lord Peter Wimsey.

My Threadless shirts arrived in the mail, so that was cool. Now I have some neat shirts to wear, wheee!

Had an avocado creme cheese sandwich for dinner. Thankfully I gave the avocado a squeeze and found it to be fit to cut open. It's a good thing to know how to test food ripeness. Avocados, those are fruit, right?

I saw Harmony Korine's movie Spring Breakers, because I was curious. It was a trip. Not quite my type of movie, though it had some nice film work.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

it's on Soquel, so it is semi in the right direction for work...

Thinking about joining a gym again. I really want to be in better shape so that I can do my job better. And also getting in better shape while I'm young and it is easier to get in shape than when I'm old and it's...more difficult. Plus healthy, healthy, healthy! And a gym would put me in contact with people.

Hmm. I'd have to work out before work, and hopefully the energy would do me good.

Anyway. Ran the fronts on shirts, Cara/Karah/Kara helped me with a bigass banner. 15'x5'!!! So big. Way too big really, but I did it. And a smaller banner. And I cleaned stuff and chopped stickers. The banner was the doozy. Took a lot of effort, but before I knew it, the day was done!

I ran a little bookshop errand after work, though I didn't find the book I wanted, so I got a more contemporary crossword puzzle collection and a birthday card for Heather and Daniel (their birthdays are about a week apart, so I double dipped, haha).

Do you eat after a morning work out? Before? A little nibble to get your metabolism started?

Welp, I'm going to work on me crossword puzzle book.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

in an octopuses topiary

I burned my hand a bit on the heat press. Booo! I was as careful as I could be, but still when you lightly graze something heated up to 315 degrees, it will burn. Though not too bad, it certainly isn't leaking puss.

Oh, there is a new radio adaptation of Neverwhere. I put the first four episodes in Dropbox Ma & Pa, so give those a listen.

Also at work I caught, I taped, I cleaned, and I heat pressed.

After work I went food shopping. Got some salad fixings. Awww yeah salad. Green stuff. I also remembered that avocados exist, so I predict a couple avocado creme cheese sandwiches in my near future. Mmmm. And I bought a shirt from my coworker, one of his octopus designs. It's a pretty rad shirt. Good deal for ten bucks.

I...I need to find something to do in my evenings. But by the time I'm home and cooled off from work, it's past 7. Hmmn.

oh Lord Peter, you crack me up

Taped zee screens, caught zee prints, unboxed zee shirts, printed zee more hats...I can't keep writing like that.

I started listening to another Peter Wimsey novel, though actually it is a collection of short stories. Just very delightful stories across the board.

I also hauled out the trash and chopped stickers.

At home I did jack and squatt. Not really...good. And I forgot to go grocery shopping! I'm out of fruit again (and vegetables).

Tomorrow. I'll do that tomorrow. And I'll have my paycheck by then, so I can go hog wild on salad.

Monday, March 18, 2013

new threads

Pressed hats for most of my shift, and I hope I pressed them right. Placement is tricky. Centering things is hard, especially when the graphics are lopsided. Ah, oh well, it is done so...it is done. Also pressed patches on hats, which is possible. I stamped them down real snug on the machine. I also burned some screens, and since they are for discharge I double coated and hardened them, so they'll be good to go soon.

Cut stickers. Did banners. Finished listening to The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning. Because the book was narrated with a strong Croatian accent, my internal dialogue got a bit of an accent as well. The narrator was really good at a broad range of accents. There was Icelandic, American, and err...others. It was a fun listen.

At home, I relaxed. Watched telly. Bought a couple Threadless shirts, because whenever Threadless shirts are on sale for $10, I have to give it a browse.

Mom, you should buy this shirt, so we can be twinsies! This is also a cute design, but I didn't get it.

Crap, still haven't ordered that scanner.

I wore pants, not cut offs, to work. It's supposed to be low to mid 60's for the rest of the week. Oh well.

There are shirts to print, but they are doing on site installs, so I don't know what I'll be doing during the next couple days. Maybe I'll have a day off? Wouldn't be the worst thing.



Just a stay at home and get things done kinda day. I made a Target run and got lightbulbs, soap, face wash, work shirts, and other household stuff. I got the fancy long lasting lightbulbs. Cuz I'm living large.

Annnd that was pretty much it. I didn't run errands till later in the day, and I didn't get out of bed and on with breakfast till afternoon.


I set my alarm because I didn't want to sleep allll the way in. Had a little breakfast. Got in touch with Nathan. At 2ish I swung by Trader Joe's and got some snackums and then I went up to see Nate in Redwood City. We played some Portal 2 co-op, watched some Adventure Time, ate some cupcakes and candies, and watched a bit of Attack the Block, which is a wicked cool British action alien movie. He had a dinner thing, so we parted ways at 7. I called Steve because San Jose is near to Redwood City, and I went over and hung out with Steve, Molly, Kyle, Adam, and Jenn. Had pizza, drank a few beers, chatted, watched stuff. Had a generally good evening.

Rolled into Santa Cruz late in the night, and all was well. Not a half bad weekend. Bring it new week!