Friday, June 5, 2015

left the house today


Found out I don't have to go on site on Thursday. Worked a bunch from home. Almost have the spreadsheets for work done, and I got another huge batch online so I can start getting those live. Almost all caught up. Not sure what I'll be doing next but it'll be something.

My art for Things I Bought At Sheetz has been featured twice in the show now, so that is pretty cool.

I made shrimp alfredo pasta for dinner. That was good. Yeah. Slept. Worked. Pasta.


Today I left the house! Didn't really have to but I did because I haven't left the house in a while and I really needed to. Maybe if I joined a gym I would be forced out more often and I'd meet people? Be social and stuff. Just a reoccuring thought.

I went to Poulsbo and dropped off my library books. All of them. Their renewals ran out. And I picked up one new book. I'll be a bit more...uhh...reasonable in my check outs. I also had a wee fine and when the librarian pulled it up to look at it I said "oh I came by the fine good and honest" because she had the tone of "this person is going to dispute this". Buck and a quarter! Those money grubbing librarians.

I swung by the watch repair place, but it was a clock repair place but they lady advised me on a different place. My watch may have gotten too damp. It's water resistant, but not water proof, and may need a part replaced inside. I haven't followed up on that yet, but at least I know that place by the Poulsbo McD's is clock repair. In case I need a clock repaired.

Did I mention my watch stopped and I replaced the battery and that didn't make it work again? Yeah. Well I've mentioned it now.

Went to Silverdale and looked for a new rain coat at Goodwill. Wanted something lightweight and water repellant because the one raincoat I have that fits that bill just started sloughing its exterior...so yeaaah. And I found several jackets, but the cutest was this red one with a removable hood. It's a bit boxier up top than my usual style, but it's super dynamic looking and I like to buy clothes based on how I would draw myself in them. So I'm stoked on that purchase. Went to Trader Joe's and got some food stuffs. Then home again. There was a three car accident driving in, but smooth traffic driving out. Nice day in Washington.

I did some more work from home. Celia came over and we chatted. Made plans for Saturday.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Things I Bought At Sheetz


ink and inkwash on paper

and so it goes


Switched over to sleeping in the big bed again, as the small one was proving difficult to get properly comfy in. I stayed in my PJs all day, did a bunch of laundry, and switched into different PJs in the evening. Got some work at home done. Watched TV.


Another big bed day, but I put on proper clothes today, only half way out of pajamas. If I'm not leaving the house, why bother? Ma & Pa, bring back the mouse zapper. I thawed out a baggie, well I'm thawing out, of shrimp to make with that alfredo sauce. I put garlic in the other sauce for pasta today. It was good. My internet was very spotty so it was hard to get work done.

I did do a bit of fan art for the youtube show Things I Bought at Sheetz, and I posed it on the closed group for fans of the show and right now it has 65 likes and the creators of the show commented. The little bit of recognition really cheered me up.

A bit bummed out right now. I ended things with Aaron. Not going to go into it here, it's just a thing that happened.

Monday, June 1, 2015

out on the water


Rolled out of bed nice and late. Did the internet thing and the small breakfast thing. Did I run into town on this day? No that was Friday. Yeah. Had some noodles and pot stickers and beans, but not all at once. Had a nice chill day. Did some work from home. Went to sleep at a generally good hour because it was sailing time!


Sailing day! With the parents! Got up earlier than I usually do on a Sunday. Put my hair in a wind friendly do (low pony/braid), filled up a tupperware with granola raisin bran, grabbed a poptart, and made some coffee. Off I went to meet the parents in Silverdale, whoo. Easy nice drive. Parked. Hopped in the backseat and off we went to the marina. Boat was unroped and off...I think I've said "off we/I went" enough times. Yeah.

We motored out under the bridges and out across the water. Lovely day for it. Not too hot, a bit of wind, not too much boat traffic. The ferries went past. We went past a buoy with two sea lions resting on it. I sat out on the front. I took lots of pictures. I posted lots of pictures. Dad had his phone rigged as the GPS, and his phone was hooked to the external battery source I got him for Christmas. He is super stoked on that set up. We moored on Blake Island and walked to the Tillicum Village (through the woods, which were sunny and bright). We didn't catch the performance, but the air in the village building was warm and nice smelling with fresh smoked fish. Yum. I bought some chocolate and a post card. Dad got an octopus mug. We walked around the open part by the village. Ma pointed out some tame raccoons and I stamped my book from the ranger station. Then we hustled back to the boat. My ankle has been hurting a lot lately. Need to get it checked out.

I rowed Ma and Pa out in two trips (I also rowed them in, because the dingy is small and can only carry so much weight), then I laid down and took a nap while Dad got the sailing on out on the water. Sails out and all that. We got some good wind, I got some good Zzzs.

I did sit up deck a bit after napping. I think I managed to catch some sun. The wind got a bit slow as we got closer to Bremerton. We eyeballed the houses on the shore and pointed out which were obviously old summer cabins and which were new constructions.

Mooring back was easy enough. There was another boat named the Kobayashi Maru II. Not a great name for a boat...

My car was where I left it. I ran a Walgreen's errand and bought a Guardians of the Galaxy blind box bobble head toy on a whim, and it was Gamora!! She's now affixed to my dashboard next to Brienne. Yeah badass gals with swords.

I'm tired. I'll watch Sunday TV tomorrow.