Friday, June 5, 2015

left the house today


Found out I don't have to go on site on Thursday. Worked a bunch from home. Almost have the spreadsheets for work done, and I got another huge batch online so I can start getting those live. Almost all caught up. Not sure what I'll be doing next but it'll be something.

My art for Things I Bought At Sheetz has been featured twice in the show now, so that is pretty cool.

I made shrimp alfredo pasta for dinner. That was good. Yeah. Slept. Worked. Pasta.


Today I left the house! Didn't really have to but I did because I haven't left the house in a while and I really needed to. Maybe if I joined a gym I would be forced out more often and I'd meet people? Be social and stuff. Just a reoccuring thought.

I went to Poulsbo and dropped off my library books. All of them. Their renewals ran out. And I picked up one new book. I'll be a bit more...uhh...reasonable in my check outs. I also had a wee fine and when the librarian pulled it up to look at it I said "oh I came by the fine good and honest" because she had the tone of "this person is going to dispute this". Buck and a quarter! Those money grubbing librarians.

I swung by the watch repair place, but it was a clock repair place but they lady advised me on a different place. My watch may have gotten too damp. It's water resistant, but not water proof, and may need a part replaced inside. I haven't followed up on that yet, but at least I know that place by the Poulsbo McD's is clock repair. In case I need a clock repaired.

Did I mention my watch stopped and I replaced the battery and that didn't make it work again? Yeah. Well I've mentioned it now.

Went to Silverdale and looked for a new rain coat at Goodwill. Wanted something lightweight and water repellant because the one raincoat I have that fits that bill just started sloughing its exterior...so yeaaah. And I found several jackets, but the cutest was this red one with a removable hood. It's a bit boxier up top than my usual style, but it's super dynamic looking and I like to buy clothes based on how I would draw myself in them. So I'm stoked on that purchase. Went to Trader Joe's and got some food stuffs. Then home again. There was a three car accident driving in, but smooth traffic driving out. Nice day in Washington.

I did some more work from home. Celia came over and we chatted. Made plans for Saturday.

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