Monday, June 8, 2015

summer is here and I've turned off the heaters


Finished almost all my work from home work. Just got a few things left to do. Did I do anything else? Uhhh. Worked. Ate food. Relaxed. Read some comics.


Slept in. It was a warm, beautiful, sunny day. Just absolutely grand. I dropped off my recycling. I did my makeup fancy and I had to redo my eyebrows because the first time around I did them too big and uneven. I'm still learning the tricks of the trade. Celia and I went up to Port Townsend to see Heather McL's band Rotties play at Cellar Door. Got up there right on time, though of course being a punk show the music wouldn't be playing till 30 minutes after the time it was supposed to start. We ran into Heather and crew and walked down to the pier and chatted. Met her fiancee Dave, he seemed nice. I told him to be good to Heather. In the venue, which was down some stairs and in a basement and narrow but with seating and it wasn't too crowded but not vacant either, I had a couple whiskey gingers through the night. I drew, I stood up near for Rotties (who rocked, always good to see gals on instruments being rad) and put in ear plugs for the first band because apparently I'm old now and need to wear plugs at shows (but it was a good thing). It was nice to get out and see that there are actually people my age in this area! Whoddathunk? We didn't stay for the third band. Got back late and I went to bed and all was well.


Got up and made an ATM run to pay parents for the bills. Got an Arizona green tea and a jerky stick too. Treat yo self! I made breakfast, tidied the house, took out compost, and then sat on the porch and listened to podcasts till Ma & Pa showed up. Way too sunny nice weather.

I helped haul logs up from the beach by way of tying a rope to them so Dad could pull them up, instead of carrying each log up and going down and then going up then down. That went well and Dad only hit me with the rope a few times. Ma made sandwiches. I read comics. Dinner was potatoes, sweet onions, cod, tabbouleh, broccoli, hollandaise sauce. Mmm! And dessert was s'mores by the fire. Well s'mores in the fire. Crispy, just how I like 'em.

Celia returned to her cabin and we watched Easy A. Now it's past my bedtime. Got work to do tomorrow.

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