Saturday, June 13, 2015



The internet went down! Hurray! The problem would be resolved on Thursday, but it persisted all through the day. And I had work to do, so I went to the Halfway House and let it be known I would be camping out with my computer. I started with lemonade and a slice of chocolate pie and got to working. It was super productive though, because I didn't like being THAT person with the computer and keyboard and wires everywhere. But it wasn't crowded and I wasn't taking space up from someone else, so I didn't feel too bad. And when I was done, about three hours later, I had the chicken fried steak special. Yum nums.

I deposited my paycheck in Port Hadlock and the internet was of course still down, so I just sat and read comics and texted people.


No internet. Celia and I had a conference call with the tech people and they ran some problem solving, but it couldn't be fixed over the phone so they put in a ticket for fixings. I decided to pack up and go use the WiFi in Seabeck...but then I heard from Michael the Centurylink Tech Guy that he had the time to come out today to see what was up, so I hung around a bit more and he arrived and replaced the DSL plug in, because it was corroded. That was why it wasn't working. The dang connection was corroded. So now it's working. But I was set to leave, so I headed out but I left the computer at home.

Swung by Seabeck and hung out with the parents a bit. Ma popped popcorn. I picked up my packages. We chatted and I headed out to Bremerton to get my comics. Kaptara! Lumberjanes! Saga! Hurrah! Also Help Us Great Warrior. Then I popped over to Karen's for dinner. Her guy Rob joined us for dinner, which was sausages and farmers market greens and was very tasty. We chatted and laughed and Rob embarrassed Karen. It is so nice to hang with people, and Rob departed to run an errand or two, so K & I got some good one on one time.

Hey, Ma & Pa, Karen is down to sailboat it up. Got a spare Thursday/Friday this month?

Returned home and internetted it up to the wee hours.

Oh! When at home, I saw a vase and thought "that looks like a Hull" and it was! It belonged to my great grandmothers and Ma & Pa let me have it. I set it on the drawers collection of stuff I have going on upstairs.


Did some more work from home, getting the online store for a client nice and set up. Cleaned up the photos a bit more too. And I started watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. Got four episodes down already! Mike Birbiglia is in this season.

Tomorrow I have some errands to run. Will leave the house and do stuff, and maybe see Spy. Maybe I'll call Mom and see if she wants to see Spy. I know Jurassic Park is out too, but ehhh I've heard good enough things about Spy.

Now to finish this episode (only a few minutes left) and read some comics and then go to bed!

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