Monday, June 15, 2015

straight outta Renton


Left the house to do errands, but I didn't go see Spy. Just had a nice day with some nice driving. Warm, sunny pretty day. I swung by Michaels and picked up some things. Swung by Target and forgot to buy toilet paper, but I got other stuff....  then I returned home and had a hot dog. Hurray! Didn't do much else. Oh. I did some cleaning....or did I clean on Friday? Well I cleaned a bit some days. Then got to bed at a more decent than usual hour.


Alarm went off at 7:30 and I rolled out of bed at 8:20ish. Showered. Threw on my dress and some makeup and made a cuppa coffee with a swirl of honey and put some raisin bran granola in a tupperware to munch on while driving to Seabeck. I swapped out Dad's place to see the play (pre-ordered tickets). Arrived just before 11. Ma and I hopped on the road for Renton to see Brynne's new play (that she is starring in) The Boyfriend. Hit some traffic and Mom used her Pacific Northwest knowledge to take backroads and we got to the theater in good time. Nabbed parking, nabbed some cupcakes and smoothies for a pre-show snack. I got the lemon buttercream and some boba, Mom got the cherry almond and a smoothie. Yum nums.

The show was cute. A 1950's spoof of 1920's marriage romance comedies. It had dancing and singing and sillyness. It was cute. Not the most plot heavy, but still cute. Brynne was lovely as always.

Hans was there and we three caught up a bit and passed off some flowers to Brynne. Then Ma & I headed back to Seabeck. My Maximum Fun fund drive tote came! It's well made and the printing is aces.

Had a snack then headed back and watched television and wow it is late.

Heal well Nathan!

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