Friday, June 19, 2015

boys in the house

Oooohhh I'm so stuffed. I feel like my belly grew two sizes. So much food.


An on site work day! They do exist! Though my job is winding down and soon I'll be in "find a new job" town. Wore the same (since washed) outfit I wore to the play, because it's a nice dress and light jacket combo for looking stylish. I photographed three boxes worth of stuff! Pretty good chunk of work. And I grabbed some goodies to put on credit (a purse for Celia and a heart shaped locket for me, now I need a sweetheart to put their photo in my locket). I stayed on till 7ish and thus traffic was very easy going back. OH! I also gave boss the "Beware of Dog (he is adorable)" print for her birthday and she loved it and hung it up.

Deposited my paycheck and got some fast food because I was hungry (so many bad eating habits) and when I got back to Pulali, Dustin and Mike were there and dinner was happening, so I parked and wandered over for second dinner! Steak and potatoes and veggies, oh my! I ate so much. Too much. Conversation was plentiful and it was nice to see Dustin again after several years. Mike is a very nice fella too.

I went to bed and woke up early. I've had a couple bad nights sleep. Probably the light coming in in the morning.


Pop tart for breakfast and I watered the plants and dug out the weeds in the garden a bit and stirred up the dirt and then took another crack at planting carrots. And I did a row of greenbeans in the long open bed. So hopefully they grow! They'll need that trellis.

I had some pasta with WAY too much garlic in the sauce and then I took a long nap because I was really tired for some reason. I had an apple with peanut butter. And a bowl of ice cream with chocolate grated on top. Then Celia invited me over for dinner! There was more steak and veggies and a crumble and it was all so very good. I showed my sketchbooks to M & D and they were complimentary. Nice evening all around, though now my tummy feels distended. I really need to join a gym and start working out. I want my clothes to continue to fit me. I can't afford a new wardrobe.

Well, I have plenty of larger shirts that'll fit. I guess I just don't want to buy new pants? Except I have larger pants. I guess I don't want the clothes I really like that are a bit tight now to not fit at all.

Wah wah. Inactivity.

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