Sunday, June 21, 2015



Slept in, renegotiated sailing plans, made some coffee and grabbed some snacks and headed out to Bremerton to meet Ma & Pa to go sailing for the day. The weather was nice for it. Blue skies and fluffy clouds. We went against the current, so it was slow going. I hollered "prepare to come about" a few times. Took many hours to get up to Brownsville and Brownsville Marina. That is where Ma and Pa and the Audobon Society put up purple marlins nests. The birds have certainly moved in! We got lunchish at the cafe by the dock. I had the french dip, Mom had a salad, Dad had the reuben. Two pints at happy hour were ordered, and a glass of red. There was live music (covers mostly, it seemed) and golf on TV. A nice little refuel for our bodies, with ice cream as dessert. I napped on the way back. Got into dock after dark, and I drove home sans helping put everything all away. Nice trip. Next time, let us go WITH the tide.


Hung out a bit with Celia on the beach. I watered the plants. I decided to go see Jurassic World and make a Central Market run after. Bought popcorn for dinner. JW was better than I was expecting, though my expectations were not very high. Chris Pratt is damn fine, and the chases were fun. It just didn't get me as pumped as Mad Max Fury Road, but I doubt anything will for a while yet. It was fun but nothing exceptional or groundbreaking. Eh yeah.

Central Market is so big and overwhelming! I should have bought more eggs. They have their own cartons you place eggs into, which is so smart because you just pick unbroken eggs instead of going through case after case looking for a good one to buy. I got some chocolate but I stowed it away for daytime eating. I'm trying to be better about not eating right before bed time. Such a great store. I love their udon variety! It's a bit more expensive, store wise, but ahhh so good. So much good stuff. Might just drive the extra 15 minutes and go there instead of QFC.

Back at home, I tried cutting my own hair. The layers part of it. Not the bangs. It's looking choppy/shaggy which is KINDA the look I want. I'll see how it looks once I wash it. I wonder if I'll ever get my late 2010/early 2011 hair length back. I just need to leave my hair alone for a year or two and let it grow. But cutting it yourself is so satisfying. Hmmm. Anyway, bed time!

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