Thursday, June 25, 2015

not made with real Trillians


Got a good sleep and made myself a cuppa coffee and ate some doughnuts that B & D brought over, yum! They went kayaking and I lounged about on the porch enjoying the perfect good calm weather. When they returned, they brought out cheese and elk meat and ohhh so tasty. They even left me cheese!! It was a nice little mini visit, they didn't stay too long. Still, nice to get out of the city for even a night!

I worked from my front porch for optimal wifi and knocked out a good chunk of stuff. Snacked a bunch. Watered plants. No sign of carrots!!

Got to bed at an almost good hour. I only got a bit bug bitten, that red incased citronella candle is the bomb!


On site day! Only one a week these days, it's winding down. I think I'll look for a new job after 4th of July. Or maybe never and just be a full on mooch.

So, on site! I got through two more boxes of things, organized a third, helped Laura with her jewelry set up for the fair that is coming up (her jewelry sure looks nice!), Had left over Brynne pasta for lunch.

My boss last time I was on site asked for game ideas for a baby shower, like pinning a cloth diaper on something speed contest, but onto what she pondered! And I threw in "how about a water balloon?" and long story short: the game was a hit! When I suggested it, she asked if I had read the game somewhere. Nope, I'm just good at thinking stuff. Go me.

I swung by the library and picked up a pile of books! Mostly comics this time. Hurray comics!

I deposited a check. Yay money!

I swung by Central Market and got salmon musubi, a red bean paste mochi, some taffy, some chocolate (I have not eaten these last two yet, they are later time snacks) and a lychee flavor Calpico as an after work snack. Pricey but delicious. Damn I wish I hadn't gone into Central Market the other day, as now I am reminded of all the good stuff it contains within.

Yum yum.

The Mattars found some chocolate called "Trillian Bar" at a Buffalo candy shop and mailed me (to Celia's address) three bars of it!! How nice of them! I haven't had any yet, but will soon. I've been in mourning because of all those dang "Share a Coke With..." Coke bottles that have names on them that are not MY NAME! And now I have three chocolate bars with my name on them.

I wrapped up the presents for Karen's birthday and made her a card. We are hanging tomorrow and probably Friday as well. Watched TV, ate food after 10. Tsk tsk. Now to sleep and get up and celebrate my friend's birthday!

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