Monday, June 22, 2015

both fridges set on chill


Chilled at home. Washed some things. I made a bunch of shrinky dink things and that was fun. Listened to a bunch of podcasts. Watched my telly in the evening. True Detective and whatnot. I got to bed at a decent hour to get up earlyish to prep the house.


Got up and got to some cleaning! Well had some noodles for breakfast, and tea. And I cut my special potato that I picked from the garden yesterday into little pieces to make fries, and I cooked it into fries and it was a delicious little serving of fries. Could have used more garlic.

All that work to grow a potato and cut it and cook it properly. Only a buck for the same and a minute of time at McDonalds.

I cleared out some cobwebs and put away things and generally made it all nice. Brynne & Dan arrived at 2 and brought in food stuffs. I helped (not really) bring down their kayaks and they went out for a paddle. I worked on work stuff. When they got back, they relaxed on the porch and I kept working. The house filled up with good smelling sauce for dinner. Once I got to a good point to pause, I joined them in chat and wine. I shelled shrimp for the salad. Celia joined us for the lovely meal of pasta and hearty sauce, salad, olive loaf, and chatter. Lovely wonderful meal. We hung out at Celia's after, and I watched the last hour and a bit of So You Think You Can Dance back at mine.

Nice little day.

I really need to start exercising.

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