Thursday, March 6, 2014

Annnnd that's my Friday!

Another three day weekend, which is awesome because Ma and Pa are going to be at a Redwoods Park tomorrow and I can go see them! Yay! And I have time to run some errands.

Caught shirts. Reclaimed. Cleaned. Taped. Burned. Coated. Same ol' thing.

Had some more pasta for dinner and tea and talked to Ma and Pa on the phone.

Watched telly. I'm at 53% with Gone Girl now!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

crawlin' through the window cuz I left the lights on and locked the doors

Today was good! The weather picked up and it was warm (it's been a bit gray). Reclaimed some screens and later coated them. I counted out shirts, and all shirts were accounted for. I burned some screens and got them taped up. Caught the job. Then broke down the press and cleaned squeegees and floodbars. Nice smooth day.

I made a Target run for more shampoo & conditioner. My current ones are almost out and I don't want to continue with the brand. Also got some Volu-Tiramisu flavor Ben & Jerrys. So good. Tiramisu!

Made some pasta. Settled in for a night of 20 minute comedies (Broad City and Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Now to tuck into bed and read more Gone Girl! Almost to 50% now!!

back in blue

Made a mistake right at the start of the shift. Well it was a mistake I made a month ago but it caught up with me. BUT it ended up not costing us any time, and I got all my stuff done. So really, it wasn't so bad. It didn't prevent me from doing bigger tasks, as I was needed on the floor to do the tertiary prep.

When I came in, Ryan was loading towels on the press and Jeff was catching! Opposite world!

I stayed up last night reading Gone Girl. I'm about 43% of the way through now, and I was at 20% on the weekend. Kindles do it by percentage, not page. Probably because you can change the type scale, so pages are not so solid in Kindle world.

My lasagna is microwaving well. Jeff said it smelt good when I took it out of the microwave. He often compliments the good smellingness of my cooking, so that is nice.

Ryan and I counted out some shirts and sweatshirts. All sorts of things. We are running more work branded merch tomorrow, in a new neat design.

I bought a new MP3 player after work. The exact same brand and model was on clearance! Awesome! Well, it's blue. My old one was red. Still. Nice.

Had potstickers for dinner and set about rebuilding and piecing together my MP3 library.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

so not a missus fix it

I broke my MP3 player. :(

It slipped off my belt loop when I was shimmying a bit too much, and it hit the floor in such a way that the internal battery was dislodged, which yanked one of the wires out. Specifically the wire that told the player it had a full battery. I can connect the player to my computer and see whats on it, but it doesn't know it has a full battery and it shuts off. I tried soldering the wire back, and I got it for a second, but then the solder broke and I think I melted parts that shouldn't have been melted. Two years good hard service. It's been bumped quite a bit. Time for a new one. I'll probably get the same kind, I'm pretty stoked on this brand. It's survived a lot of punishment. And since I can still access the old one, I'm not having to rebuild my old track list. Just have to plug the new player in and plop in the old tracks.

I tried to fix it. I failed. But hey, I tried.

Today was the first 9 to 5 day at work! And... I was told to come in at 10:30 because work isn't demanding enough right now and staggering schedules works better. I cleaned a lot. I reclaimed and coated screens. I burned stuff. I cleaned more stuff. We ran some towels. I burned some more things. A full day!

Had some potstickers. Tried to fix my player. Watched stuff. It is what it is.

Monday, March 3, 2014

puffed up & and yay for Steve McQueen

Slept way in. When I woke up I was just so comfy in bed. I had the thought of getting up early, but then I fell back asleep and that thought was gone.

Had several cuppa tea. Made and ate Mac N Cheese. Watched the Oscars. Lupita Nyong'o won, which was awesome! The In Memoriam was really sad this year.

Made a Trader Joe's run. The cashier really liked my Tomer Hanuka bag.

Then I watched Girls and the episode focused on her mother and aunts drama surrounding the death of her grandma and it just felt so familiar in many ways. Now I'm watching True Detective and eating some cheese puffs.

Just kidding!

I'm eating corn puffs.