Saturday, January 5, 2013

DMVs need a major makeover

Oof. I have a headache. Too much sugar? Not enough fruits and healthy stuff? I keep neglecting to go shopping. I'll do that tomorrow. Get lots of veggies and things.

Got my illustration in by 6 oclock! Wasn't even due till early tomorrow, but I got it done. I dig it. Haven't heard back about it though...but I'm sure they like it as well?

I drove to the DMV and picked up a California Drivers Guide, so I can read up on that while waiting for my Social Security Card to arrive. There was a line at the place, so I'll very much have to make an appointment for my test. I don't know how long that will take though. Have to do it before work, and make sure they know I might be a bit late? Maybe the DMV is open on the weekend, I seem to remember that it was.

Anyway. Went to Target and got some Targety things. Like that stuff that makes your toilet water turn blue.

I'm all about blue toilet water. Hahah.

Joey chilled on my bed. Janet worked on cleaning out the craft room, and she unearthed some really cool comics. She has great taste.

The weather has generally been nice, though my feet are often cold.

I'm ready to go back to work.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lassie is my favorite character

I've spent the majority of my evening drawing a little something something for Odd Owl whilst Pysch plays in the background. My hand is starting to cramp, so I'm going to finish the drawing in the morning tomorrow. It's looking good. Lots of lines, just like I like it!

Oh my bed is so comfortable. It was a bother to get out of it this morning. I had errands, but damn was I warm and cozy.

The Social Security office beckoned, and so I left to get my card, and maybe do some food shopping. And riiiight as I closed my door, I realized I didn't have my keys in hand. Thankfully I had my phone, so I left my reuseable bags on the porch and just walked my errands (the office was in downtown). I called Janet, who was going to be home soon, and she left the backdoor unlocked for me. Hurray! It wasn't that long of a wait in the office, though a bit boring, and the guy next to me was a bit smelly, and this one guy offered me flowers. I turned in the form and now my card is on the way! Once I have that, I can get my driver's license. Hurrah!

After that, I bought myself a burger from Jack's to go. Bacon burger, natch. I got back into my house no problem. As for the burger, it was quite tasty, and after that lunch I got to work on the work that needed doing. Joey slept on my bed for most of the day, even when Janet came back from her own errands.

At least when I spend all day in my room drawing a commission, it feels rather productive. And not antisocial. Hurrah for break!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

working on getting carded

Suddenly it became midnight. Where did today go?

Took it easy. Sorted out an Odd Owl commission with a very immediate deadline (well, this weekend immediate). I'm really excited for it though. Should be rad. Watched telly. Got some Walgreens necessities. Some of the books I ordered from Amazon came in the mail, so that is cool. My book pile is accumulating!

Oh. So. To get my California driver's license, I need to have a Social Security Card (the one I have is in a safe in Washington). So tomorrow I am going to the Social Security office to do just that. Once I have that, then I can advance on getting my license. It will be good to have my own card, because...well I've never needed the card before because having a passport counts for a lot. But not enough for a license. Bah. Anyway. That is tomorrow goal, and since the office closes at 3, I have to do that early on. Afterwards I'll do some more grocery shopping or something.

Anyhoo. My bed is awesome. It is comfy and cozy and it even seems warmer due to the mass under me. I love it. I'm going to go to it now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ending the year at the top

Ended up sleeping in San Francisco, because I didn't want to risk being on the road with many potentially drunk drivers. So here is a double post!


My last night on the futon. I set my alarm because my new mattress was set to arrive between noon and 1, and I needed to get ready for it. I washed my sheets, moved my futon off the frame, opened up the area around the bed to make way, and then I waited. When the mattress arrived, I found out that the one I ordered was backstocked or something, so they gave me the better mattress for the same price! Wowza! I can't wait to sleep on my mattress. As of typing this, I still haven't slept on it.

Anyhoo, my plans for Midnight became hanging out with Carmen & Josh and whoever else was at their house in San Francisco. But since I had the rest of the day before heading up, I took it easy, ate some food, and put the sheets and blankets on my bed. It looks so nice.

I didn't get up to San Francisco till 9, because I forgot what I was going to bring to the shindig at home and had to go back (I wasn't far, but far enough to make it a bit of a delay). Nate and Helen were there, as was Joe, Josh's engineer for his game. We played Apples to Apples (Nathan won, Helen came up second, and I third). Drank some hot buttered rum. Popped crackers at 11 indoors so that we wouldn't litter outside, and then at 11:20ish we walked up the hill to see the view. It was a clear brisk midnight, and we were bundled appropriately. I was wearing my blue silk Jon Valdi trousers that Celia gave me years ago, with a printed top tucked into it, and over that a sweater, and over than my gray longcoat and white shawl, wrapped as a scarf in the Sherlock style. I was stylin'. Joe departed for Oakland and did not summit the hill with us.

The view was lovely. Golden Gate Park was a dark strip through the glittering lights of Inner Sunset, and downtown (whatever area that is called) was radiant. The fireworks were big, though far away, but still big enough to OOOOOO and AHHHH at. Wonderful place to end the year at. I've come far, and can only go further!

I stayed the night at Carmen & Josh's.


I helped Josh as a demo tester person for the game he is working on. Sorry mom, it isn't yet available on non iDevices. It is pretty fun game, with nice music! Had some tea and then off I returned to Santa Cruz and my yet unslept in bed.

I showered, tidied up, and put my feet up. Watched Miranda. Snacked on food stuffs. Later on Steve came down for a visit and we chatted about names and our various experiences on holiday. He has work tomorrow, so he left. I don't have work tomorrow, so I am staying up! Ha!

I feel pretty good right now. And my bed looks mighty inviting.

Monday, December 31, 2012

putting the futon to bed

Slept in and it was blessed, though when I got up, I was quite creaky. So sick of my futon...so I went mattress shopping! I went to Mattress Discounters and Mattress Outlet, and the latter had the better prices, and some really comfy beds. I took my time laying on beds, and picked one out. It shall be delivered tomorrow. It's amazing how much of an incentive free delivery is, when really $10 delivery isn't that much. I shall be paying for delivery, and saving $60 in the long run. Ohhh. I can't wait for my new comfy bed. It's going to be wonderful.

Did some food shopping. Put away my things. Tidied up. Ate some easy to digest food. Drank tea. Watched television that stars Richard "Thorin" Armitage.

It's nice to be back, though it is quiet and cold. My room doesn't retain heat. But I bet winter will be over soon here though. Just another month or two.