Friday, February 13, 2015

new project time


On site! I took photos of another box of things, mostly books. Put those into the spreadsheet. Worked on invoices and other Google things. Boss watched Nightcrawler and we bonded over our mutual enjoyment of it. A nice day on site. Felt pretty productive.

Back at home, I hung out with Celia a bit and had noodles and we gave the kitties catnip and they loooved it. Sam got all loopy and let me pet him! And Panda and Teddy were like totally mellow yellow. Hahah.


Applied for health insurance! And I qualify for Washington Apple Care...which is pretty much Medicaid rebranded so...hopefully that works out??? It's something. It's...not getting fined by the tax man. And I worked more on my cell phone refund. It's such an annoying loop of communication.

And I did some at home stuff for work. Image editing. And I secured the Tumblr "StampClub" to use for posting scans of old yearbooks. I like the title Stamp Club, but I might change it...but I got it for now (it's free).

Stamp Club because...it's a silly old timey club. Melissa (Happy Birthday Mel!!!) suggested something along the lines of "Most Likely To..." but I can't think of a good way to fill that in.

Did laundry. Had pasta. Took a bath. Read The Blazing World. I need to go grocery shopping.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the stick isn't important

Drinking some chamomile tea before bed. Got another on site day tomorrow and then nada for the rest of the week (well nada on site).

I'm moving up to preparing invoices for clients! And I did other office stuff and expressed my desire to not handle critical phone stuff, and the boss was receptive to it. Nice boss! And I finished the day with some measuring of items. I also helped move a desk. Nice little day on site.

Tomorrow will be another photographing day, so that I can have stuff to work on from home. Getting those hours!

Weather was mild.

Note to self: remove that stick.

Monday, February 9, 2015

sinus drain

Since I drank coffee after the movie, it left me caffeinated too late in the day so I had a hell of a time getting to sleep. And then I suddenly got massively congested. So I popped a Benadryl and eventually got to sleep and woke up feeling so bedraggled and thirsty.

Did some at home work, had some pasta, reformatted my MP3 player because it got glitchy and now I have to rebuild my music library, but it's good to edit a new. Not like I lost tracks, it's all on my computer.

Lack luster day.

OH! I called to see about getting my phone reimbursed, but the call kept dropping right after I selected this menu option.

ANNND I got started on my health insurance. I'm not sure if I'm better off estimating high or low on my monthly income. If I lowball it, I might get in trouble, but if I go too high, what if it's costly? Well just need to take a few more steps and see what's up.

ditched again


Slept in, and then when I finally rolled out of bed, I put on my rain jacket and went to observe the ditches. I scraped the ground so the flow was better, and pulled a few twigs out. When I came home from the day's fun, I noticed Celia had dug out the ditches nice and proper, so I've got to give her a good thank you for that! The rain has been ferocious and constant.

I went over to Suquamish to see Aaron. Not just dinner on my way home from work. And you know what he surprised me with? Cheerwine!! You can buy it at Bevmo apparently. What a guy! And he made an awesome shepard's pie. I helped chop the yams and rosemary. I had two massive servings, and then we watched Horns which wasn't all that great. I didn't stay over. Not a bad drive back through Port...Port...Gamble? What a weird town. Looks like a model town, not a real place anyone would live.


Slept in. Itemized what I need to do tomorrow (call Straight Talk to get replacement voucher for busted phone, health insurance, job stuff) and looked at a day full of nothing and decided to see Jupiter Ascending and hang a bit with Marcus after.

So here's the thing about Jupiter Ascending: it's goddamn amazing. It's the movie every tween girl wrote. It's full of characters from every young gal's imagination. The men of interest in the movie lack the male power fantasy dynamic that is present in pretty much every other movie. Jupiter's costumes and makeup are perfection. It's so much damn fun and it made me yearn for a youth full of imagination and that lack of hindrance that comes with experience. I loved it. And the movie will flop. It's not what most people want to see, or expect to see, or like seeing. As fun as it is, it just isn't a movie that will speak to the masses, and unfortunately by masses I mean the guys who pay time and time again to see stuff. Argh.


I met Marcus at Shari's. I had pie, he had cocoa, and we talked Jupiter Ascending (I explained why it's so great) and television and other movies. We have very differing opinions and interests so it generally makes for good conversation (i.e. the trend of high waisted pants in the fashion design of the movie Her). It is so easy for me to spend the whole day at home, so I gotta take the initiative to get out more often.

And I put $8 of gas in my car, which actually was more than 2 gallons. Gas is going up, but it's still way cheap.