Saturday, March 14, 2015

babys on fire

Thursday & Friday:

Called off from going in to work! So I worked from home! Edited stuff. Researched stuff. Slept in. These guys on a boat seemed to be on my wifi network for a little bit. They were talking about Siri and had an iPad.

Today (Friday) I had a plan to meet Karen to see Chappie. I left early to run errands. First I dropped off my phone at FedEx to finally return it and get the replacement. I'll have a backup or something. I wanted a refund but I didn't get that. Boo!

Then Target for hair dye and car stuff (oil and gas treatment). Then I went and got a haircut at Great Clips at the Poplars. Got the usual: cut off a few inches, layer my hair so it frames my face, and do a just okay job on my bangs. But it looks cute and soon I'll dye it again so it'll be nice and dark and fresh for the wedding!

I enjoyed Chappie, though I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't know who Die Antwoord is. A very odd casting to have and feature them so heavily. The robot effects were great, Hugh Jackman's shorts could have been shorter, and there were some glaring plot holes in regards to character accountability. But I liked that Neill Blomkamp included the line from the Die Antwoord song "Neill Blomkamp is going to make me a movie star". Ha!

After the movie, I went to Seabeck and hung out with Dad a bit. Got some pie and dinner, and got my heath care card and my package from Lostboy aka Finn. Looking forward to custom fitting it tomorrow! I left around 8:15ish so that I could make a treasured Trader Joe's run.

Now I'm watching TV in my jammies. Don't have much on the docket for the weekend, though I have work to catch up on.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

death & taxes


On site day! Had a nice drive in, and photographed things. And also did some paycheck match, which gave me a massive headache, but I got it sorted! There was some pay sheet stuff that had to be written out.

It's so weird to get home and still have daylight. It's nice to not stagger through the dark to the house.

And I did my taxes! I did it on paper. 1040EZ. I'm not claiming anything beyond my W-2's, so I thought why not do it myself, and it wasn't that bad at all. And I put in the effort to do my California taxes as well, to get that sweet $52 back. And I'm claiming the EIC, so hopefully that works out! I should be getting a good chunk of change back, so that's exciting. Did get dinged for not having heath coverage, but it wasn't a big ding.

So that felt good, to get my taxes done like an adult and all that.


Went to drop off my taxes at the Brinnon Post Office, but they were on lunch so I went to the Halfway House and got some chicken strips and coffee and fries and cole slaw. I sat and ate and read, and I overheard "My daughter gave up horses for boys, and I was always opposed to that."

Mailed off my taxes. Hurray! So hopefully they get processed soon, and I get my moolah soon. Yay, money!!

And I worked from home, and my shift tomorrow is swapped to Friday, so I'll be working from home tomorrow too.

I'm such an adult, woohoo!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

also: mango


Instead of staying in pajamas till the last possible minute, I put on a nice dress and tights and got into my work mood! And did some work. And then generally I dolled myself up to look nice, but to look nice for myself because makeup is a fun hobby. One of these days I'll figure out how to make my hair not so raggedy, but for now I got that cool 20-something not really goth look going on.

Anyway, I headed out to Port Townsend to meet Marcus at Middletown Pin for pre movie beers. It's this pinball bar, but really it's a hole in the wall with like five machines and air hockey. Nothing like Ground Kontrol in Portland.

This nice lady Tiffany was like "hey wanna play air hockey?" so we played a game of air hockey, and I lost, but it was pretty fun.

When I was sitting, waiting still and starting a book, this dude (this barber named John) came up to me and sat down and just started talking to me...without asking if he could sit or join me or anything like that, and I was just...it sucks because there is this conditioning to be polite and the fear that saying "hey I want to be alone" might be meant with violence, so I was forced into chatting with this rando for 5-10 minutes, and I wasn't into it at all and maybe if I wasn't dressed so nice or hadn't done my makeup or whatever, maybe he would have left me alone from the get go. But thankfully Marcus showed up and I was able to say "hey I haven't seen my friend in a while, do you mind" and he left us alone. BLEH!!

So I had a couple pints before the movie, and Marcus and I caught up. And the movie was What We Do In The Shadows and it was playing at the Starlight Room, which was a venue Marcus had never been at, and it was hilarious! A New Zealand vampire mockumentary. Funny, well acted, just brilliant through and through. Don't Google the trailer, just watch it if it comes your way.

Marcus and I talked down at the peer for a while, then parted ways. I got food at QFC and filled up my tank and got home at a less than decent hour for a Sunday night.


Worked! Edited photos, did online stuff, added to this and that. Also moved the New Items out of the New Items category to prepare to adding more new items! That took a while. We need a better system.

I didn't really leave the house, or make anything too fancy to eat. Though I am watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix Instant and I kinda wanna just do that till there are no more episodes left. It's a pretty fun show, I recommend it.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

clean space, I guess clean mind??


Had a longish on site day. Well not totally longish, it just went a little bit over my usual hours. Not that I'm complaining. Photographed. Researched. Photographed. I microwaved my pizza too much and it was too hot and I had to wait for it to cool to eat.

Got home and howled at the moon.

Celia came over with a big bowl of popcorn and we watched Pitch Perfect.

I slept in the big bed, for a change of pace. It was pretty comfy.


Slept in, snacked through the day, lit a fire, tidied. Put away clothes, ran some laundry. Now the house is all pretty and tidy. I made a few more earrings. I need some flat head earring thingies, so that they all don't end in the loops. But that'll come when I get more practice in.

Did a bit of work. Mostly just chilled.

Still not feeling too hot. This whole week has got me down.

Tomorrow I'm seeing a silly movie with a friend, so that'll be nice.