Saturday, March 14, 2015

babys on fire

Thursday & Friday:

Called off from going in to work! So I worked from home! Edited stuff. Researched stuff. Slept in. These guys on a boat seemed to be on my wifi network for a little bit. They were talking about Siri and had an iPad.

Today (Friday) I had a plan to meet Karen to see Chappie. I left early to run errands. First I dropped off my phone at FedEx to finally return it and get the replacement. I'll have a backup or something. I wanted a refund but I didn't get that. Boo!

Then Target for hair dye and car stuff (oil and gas treatment). Then I went and got a haircut at Great Clips at the Poplars. Got the usual: cut off a few inches, layer my hair so it frames my face, and do a just okay job on my bangs. But it looks cute and soon I'll dye it again so it'll be nice and dark and fresh for the wedding!

I enjoyed Chappie, though I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't know who Die Antwoord is. A very odd casting to have and feature them so heavily. The robot effects were great, Hugh Jackman's shorts could have been shorter, and there were some glaring plot holes in regards to character accountability. But I liked that Neill Blomkamp included the line from the Die Antwoord song "Neill Blomkamp is going to make me a movie star". Ha!

After the movie, I went to Seabeck and hung out with Dad a bit. Got some pie and dinner, and got my heath care card and my package from Lostboy aka Finn. Looking forward to custom fitting it tomorrow! I left around 8:15ish so that I could make a treasured Trader Joe's run.

Now I'm watching TV in my jammies. Don't have much on the docket for the weekend, though I have work to catch up on.

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