Thursday, March 12, 2015

death & taxes


On site day! Had a nice drive in, and photographed things. And also did some paycheck match, which gave me a massive headache, but I got it sorted! There was some pay sheet stuff that had to be written out.

It's so weird to get home and still have daylight. It's nice to not stagger through the dark to the house.

And I did my taxes! I did it on paper. 1040EZ. I'm not claiming anything beyond my W-2's, so I thought why not do it myself, and it wasn't that bad at all. And I put in the effort to do my California taxes as well, to get that sweet $52 back. And I'm claiming the EIC, so hopefully that works out! I should be getting a good chunk of change back, so that's exciting. Did get dinged for not having heath coverage, but it wasn't a big ding.

So that felt good, to get my taxes done like an adult and all that.


Went to drop off my taxes at the Brinnon Post Office, but they were on lunch so I went to the Halfway House and got some chicken strips and coffee and fries and cole slaw. I sat and ate and read, and I overheard "My daughter gave up horses for boys, and I was always opposed to that."

Mailed off my taxes. Hurray! So hopefully they get processed soon, and I get my moolah soon. Yay, money!!

And I worked from home, and my shift tomorrow is swapped to Friday, so I'll be working from home tomorrow too.

I'm such an adult, woohoo!

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