Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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Instead of staying in pajamas till the last possible minute, I put on a nice dress and tights and got into my work mood! And did some work. And then generally I dolled myself up to look nice, but to look nice for myself because makeup is a fun hobby. One of these days I'll figure out how to make my hair not so raggedy, but for now I got that cool 20-something not really goth look going on.

Anyway, I headed out to Port Townsend to meet Marcus at Middletown Pin for pre movie beers. It's this pinball bar, but really it's a hole in the wall with like five machines and air hockey. Nothing like Ground Kontrol in Portland.

This nice lady Tiffany was like "hey wanna play air hockey?" so we played a game of air hockey, and I lost, but it was pretty fun.

When I was sitting, waiting still and starting a book, this dude (this barber named John) came up to me and sat down and just started talking to me...without asking if he could sit or join me or anything like that, and I was just...it sucks because there is this conditioning to be polite and the fear that saying "hey I want to be alone" might be meant with violence, so I was forced into chatting with this rando for 5-10 minutes, and I wasn't into it at all and maybe if I wasn't dressed so nice or hadn't done my makeup or whatever, maybe he would have left me alone from the get go. But thankfully Marcus showed up and I was able to say "hey I haven't seen my friend in a while, do you mind" and he left us alone. BLEH!!

So I had a couple pints before the movie, and Marcus and I caught up. And the movie was What We Do In The Shadows and it was playing at the Starlight Room, which was a venue Marcus had never been at, and it was hilarious! A New Zealand vampire mockumentary. Funny, well acted, just brilliant through and through. Don't Google the trailer, just watch it if it comes your way.

Marcus and I talked down at the peer for a while, then parted ways. I got food at QFC and filled up my tank and got home at a less than decent hour for a Sunday night.


Worked! Edited photos, did online stuff, added to this and that. Also moved the New Items out of the New Items category to prepare to adding more new items! That took a while. We need a better system.

I didn't really leave the house, or make anything too fancy to eat. Though I am watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix Instant and I kinda wanna just do that till there are no more episodes left. It's a pretty fun show, I recommend it.

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