Sunday, March 8, 2015

clean space, I guess clean mind??


Had a longish on site day. Well not totally longish, it just went a little bit over my usual hours. Not that I'm complaining. Photographed. Researched. Photographed. I microwaved my pizza too much and it was too hot and I had to wait for it to cool to eat.

Got home and howled at the moon.

Celia came over with a big bowl of popcorn and we watched Pitch Perfect.

I slept in the big bed, for a change of pace. It was pretty comfy.


Slept in, snacked through the day, lit a fire, tidied. Put away clothes, ran some laundry. Now the house is all pretty and tidy. I made a few more earrings. I need some flat head earring thingies, so that they all don't end in the loops. But that'll come when I get more practice in.

Did a bit of work. Mostly just chilled.

Still not feeling too hot. This whole week has got me down.

Tomorrow I'm seeing a silly movie with a friend, so that'll be nice.

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