Saturday, February 1, 2014


Got to work early. Missed the text from my boss telling me I didn't need to do that. But hey, coming in early means I get to lean earlier! We are going to be changing to a 9 to 5 in a month, so now I'll have more time in the evenings.

I did the heat press thing, and the weeding vinyl thing, and the papering and cutting of vinyl thing. Also applied some patches to screens and coated them at the end of the day.

I swung by Discretion Brewing and filled up the growler that Chris left behind when he moved out. I drank a bunch of it, but damn a half gallon of beer is a lot of beer! I can't drink all that beer. The growler Janet had for Mountain Brewing was much smaller. Probably around 32oz. I made pasta and I watched Pacific Rim and Scott Pilgrim with Dee in a livestream (basically a video stream that people can watch online, also fun for streaming your art making practices).

Then I went to bed.

February 1st is Hourly Comic Day, so my blog post for that day shall be all the comics I made. Basically you draw a comic every hour of what you did in that hour. A fun exercise, but as I'm still awake, I'm not done with it just yet. But I'll probably be going to bed soon. At least to lay in bed and read.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

looking up and hey it's almost the weekend

My throat was sore all day, but the rest of my body was fine. So that is good! Boss got progressively more ill through the day, which is bad. Hard to do stuff when you are sick. I'm coming in early tomorrow to get a jump on things, so we can get it all done in good time. Jersey printing, ya know.

I weeded vinyl for most of the day, and did heat pressing. Jeff and Ryan printed lots of odds and ends and thises and thats. I also taped a few screens.

I mailed some stuff before work.

I worked on a list of things in regards to upcoming stuff. I am set on doing something every day to moving towards my big goal. I'm not quite ready to put it out there in the public. But soon. Eventually.

Home I had some more potstickers and... some candy. And I watched another episode of "The Returned" and now I'm watching "The Musketeers".

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

candy before dental

I just took an antihystamene, so I better blog now because I figure I have an hour till nap sleepy time. Eating some potsticker from Trader Joe's. Num num. I felt ill all day. Just like my eyes would pop out of my head and I was oozing snot. Had a bad nights sleep, so that probably tortured my body. Uhg.

Today's work music selections were Odd Owl, Kaiser Chiefs, some Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ratatat, Stromae, Electric Six... just a mish mash.

There was so much vinyl to weed. SO MUCH. And some shorts to put heat transfers on. And shirts to count. And more vinyl. And a window applique to cut down to size. And I cleaned some screens. A nice full day.

Oh, and Boss gave me a 5.75 pound bag of assorted candy as a belated birthday gift!!! Like, holy crap! So much candy! I wish I felt better so I could eat a ton of it and feel sick! But I don't so I won't...yet.

At home I had some tea and talked to Ma. And made some potstickers. And oozed snot. And got some things sorted out. I'm planning things! Just need to keep working at it. Keep working forward and upward and excitingward!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

new goals

An uhg day at work. Not so bad but I just wasn't feelin' it all day. My head felt funny. And now my body feels funny. I'm feeling a lot of anxiety right now, and it doesn't feel good.

Heat pressed some stuff. Weeded some vinyl. If only I could heat press some weed. JUST KIDDING, I DON'T LIVE IN WASHINGTON OR COLORADO.

Uhm. Yeah. I started work on my taxes, but I need some info about my Kitsap Credit Union, to see if I got any cash from the savings investment. I was hoping for a larger return than I seem to be getting right now. I worked so hard, and damn taxes! If only I could choose where they went to. Don't mind taxes for schools and health. Do mind them for war.

My goal is to every night do something to advance my progress to this certain goal I've set out to do. Today I accomplished six things relevant to my goal.

Monday, January 27, 2014



The long drive back. So exhausting, even though I did no driving! But first...we slept in till 11ish. A well deserved sleep in. Adele made pancakes and eggs because Adele is awesome like that. We loafed around for a while. Packed up. Rich did some video chats. Ariel and I looked at makeup pics online and we all talked about makeup and the challenges of learning how to apply the damn stuff.

We set out at around 4. Rich's gas gauge doesn't work, so he is very diligent about when he fills up. Of course I did cover one fill up, as per the road trip rules. We listened to Cabin Pressure, Welcome to Night Vale, Museum of Curiosity, music, and a bit of Radiolab. We stopped at the Tejon Ranch chain store complex. Rich and Ariel got Subway. I had been snacking so I wasn't hungry, though I did get yogurt with toppings from Yogurtland. Mmmm yogurt. Ariel drove for a bit. We listened to Bohemian Rhapsody way loud as we passed by the mysterious burning piles. It was a nice drive, though long. Lots of miles covered. Good weather. Lots of conversation and laughs. I got in to Santa Cruz just before midnight, which was awesome!

I unpacked, tidied up a bit, and went to bed oh so tired.


Got up, had breakfast, got all set to go and them BAM text from boss saying to take the day off because he was off doing installs. Hurray! A day to relax after a very active weekend! I did a shopping run and took a long hot bath and watched television (the new HBO show True Detective, which only makes me wish the new Hannibal season would start soon), talked to my friend Dee, talked to Tara who is a super woman who gets stuff done. A nice relaxing day.

BUT! I found out they are trying to change the PNCA mascot AGAIN! WHAT THE HELL! NO! DON'T DO THAT! THE SLOTH IS FINE!
very tired, will blog tomorrow

Sunday, January 26, 2014

interns & special guests

Sleeping and waking up:

Had a nice sleep in the bed that was assembled on the floor for me. A very nice makeshift bed! I woke up before my alarm, however begrudgingly.

Tea and debit card:

I made a pot of tea and set about calling Kitsap Credit Union to see what is up with my card. I managed to get it reactivated for the weekend! I lounged about while other people we getting up. Ariel went out for some food with her Dad and Mom.


After I showered, but before I smeared makeup on my face I walked down to Pizza of Venice, at Adele's recommendation. I asked the lady to test my card before they made my pizza, and it worked! I ordered the "el diablo" but mild. I also got a soda. I enjoyed that soda and pizza very much! And I read from my Kindle. It was so warm and lovely. Just amazing January weather.


I shoved a bunch of makeup on my face, and in what felt like record time to do: eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. Ariel returned. We got our Welcome to Night Vale ensembles together. Lots of purple.

But first, second lunch:

We four (Me, Ariel, Rich, Adele) had set up to meet Ariel's aunt Claire for lunch downtown. Of course downtown LA is MASSIVE. And as it is massive and not actually "downtown" in any small place, Ariel made a reservation at a restaurant that isn't anywhere near the theater. By accident due to multiple restaurants having the same name. Whoops, easy mistake! So we got caught in traffic cutting down into LA, through Beverly Hills, and into wherever. Arriving late and pressed for time, we just had some appetizers and tea. It was nice though, if quick.


And traffic was very easy on the way back! Not a lot of stop and go and slow. We got to the theater and there was a line, so we probably wouldn't be getting the coveted front row seats. Still! Awesome! Rich navigated parking and we secured a spot in line. The theater was the Largo at the Coronet. That is where they perform and record Thrilling Adventure Hour. It was a nice night for standing in line for an hour and a half. Good conversation was had. Lots of people were dressed up or they made things. Things that would take a lot of explaining to make sense of in this blog if you hadn't listened to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. Either way, it was great.


We got through the line, got our seat assignment, and then were told to come back at 7ish for when the gate would be open. We were all in row F. The auditorium fit about 120 people? So there wouldn't really be ANY bad seat. I went for a little walk by myself while waiting to be let in. Just down the street a bit. LA is so big and sprawled and so much visual information! But it just has that feeling of lots of stuff going on. I can dig it. But I also dig being able to drive around town in less than 20 minutes. I returned to the theater and we all went in!

Black and Tan:

I bought a black and tan at the little bar inside the theater, and also a poster for the tour. We were all very, very excited. Just buzzing and going EEEEEE.

Welcome to Night Vale:

How do I begin? The story was amazing. Just this whole extended episode thing. The show opened with a few performances by Jason Webley, who was great. He had an accordion and played it oh so well. And sang so heartily. He didn't even need the microphone, such was the acoustics and size of the theater. Then Meg introduced Cecil, and Cecil was just amazing. His voice is so rich and he can do so many things with it, but his posture and mannerisms! Wow! JASIKA NICOLE was THEREEE!! To play Dana. I was just in awe and so stoked and happy and like WAHHHH about her generally being on stage not too far from me. And. And. There was an Intern Wil. Played by Wil Wheaton. Which was a MAJOR surprise and the audience just went like WOOAAAHHH. The audience was very vocal and cheered and went aww, but at all the right moments. And even sang along a bit. Very great experience. Oh and they had the new Carlos voice actor. And more music by Webley. And just. The whole thing was this amazing experience. So worth the trip down. Would do it again in a hot minute.


I managed to have my poster signed by Joseph Fink, the creator of the show! And I told him that I came down from Santa Cruz and it was worth it and I'd do it again. He was really nice.


We drove downtown a bit and parked and then had a helluva time walking out of the parking garage. We ended up going to P.F. Chang's for dinner and enthusiastic post-show chatter. Our waiter had great hair. We gobbled down entrees, and we three ladies had cocktails (Rich was the driver). And I was like "lets order dessert" and we ordered dessert and gobbled that. And everything was amazing and delicious and fun. And the sketches I produced in the dark of the auditorium during the show turned out pretty good! Can't wait to scan them.

Pasadena (or wherever, it might not actually be Pasadena):

It was a nice drive back. I washed my face. I miss my drawn on eyebrows all ready. It changes the way I feel about myself in public. Like I'm visually more of a dynamic figure in space. I feel like less of a wallflower when I'm all done or. Or less like I ought to be a wallflower. Like BAM HERE I AM, let's talk about stuff! I have photos to upload. Drawings to scan. And a longish drive to undertake tomorrow. But it's all good.

It's all very good.