Thursday, January 30, 2014

looking up and hey it's almost the weekend

My throat was sore all day, but the rest of my body was fine. So that is good! Boss got progressively more ill through the day, which is bad. Hard to do stuff when you are sick. I'm coming in early tomorrow to get a jump on things, so we can get it all done in good time. Jersey printing, ya know.

I weeded vinyl for most of the day, and did heat pressing. Jeff and Ryan printed lots of odds and ends and thises and thats. I also taped a few screens.

I mailed some stuff before work.

I worked on a list of things in regards to upcoming stuff. I am set on doing something every day to moving towards my big goal. I'm not quite ready to put it out there in the public. But soon. Eventually.

Home I had some more potstickers and... some candy. And I watched another episode of "The Returned" and now I'm watching "The Musketeers".

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