Monday, January 27, 2014



The long drive back. So exhausting, even though I did no driving! But first...we slept in till 11ish. A well deserved sleep in. Adele made pancakes and eggs because Adele is awesome like that. We loafed around for a while. Packed up. Rich did some video chats. Ariel and I looked at makeup pics online and we all talked about makeup and the challenges of learning how to apply the damn stuff.

We set out at around 4. Rich's gas gauge doesn't work, so he is very diligent about when he fills up. Of course I did cover one fill up, as per the road trip rules. We listened to Cabin Pressure, Welcome to Night Vale, Museum of Curiosity, music, and a bit of Radiolab. We stopped at the Tejon Ranch chain store complex. Rich and Ariel got Subway. I had been snacking so I wasn't hungry, though I did get yogurt with toppings from Yogurtland. Mmmm yogurt. Ariel drove for a bit. We listened to Bohemian Rhapsody way loud as we passed by the mysterious burning piles. It was a nice drive, though long. Lots of miles covered. Good weather. Lots of conversation and laughs. I got in to Santa Cruz just before midnight, which was awesome!

I unpacked, tidied up a bit, and went to bed oh so tired.


Got up, had breakfast, got all set to go and them BAM text from boss saying to take the day off because he was off doing installs. Hurray! A day to relax after a very active weekend! I did a shopping run and took a long hot bath and watched television (the new HBO show True Detective, which only makes me wish the new Hannibal season would start soon), talked to my friend Dee, talked to Tara who is a super woman who gets stuff done. A nice relaxing day.

BUT! I found out they are trying to change the PNCA mascot AGAIN! WHAT THE HELL! NO! DON'T DO THAT! THE SLOTH IS FINE!

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