Thursday, October 22, 2015

back to 'Beck

Wednesday & Thursday

Didn't get much work done on Wednesday because my internet has gone back to being bad. Took Bodi for a little walk and met up with Celia and Corbie. Watched TV. Set out chocolate croissants from TJs to proof overnight.

The croissants didn't proof all that much come morning, but they were delicious none the less. I walked Bodi up to the top of the driveway and back down. I decided to take my computer to Seabeck and hang there and work. And with Bodi too. He's a good doggy who is most welcome at Seabeck. Got some work done. Think I'll make some tea and do more work. Tomorrow gotta get up and and see where Bodi decides is his place to poop at Seabeck. He now favors where the paddle boat was.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Monday and Tuesday

Bodi is sleeping on the couch right now like a cute pup. I got him a day early and now I have dog watch duty for a week! Woohoo puppy!

Monday I helped Mom out with some stuff, and with time to kill I wrote a few letters and started reading Station Eleven. Pretty good thus far, though I'm only six pages in.

My egg pin from Big Bud Press arrived! It's so cute. I attached my sloth path to my patch vest.

For dinner Dad made some the best steaks he has made thus far. Really juicy. With a side of green beans and mashed potatos and a nice glass of red wine. Mmm. I'm so spoiled over in Seabeck.

I had a weird night sleep. I got overheated and tossed and turned. Dad made eggs and bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast. Yum yum! I went to Poulsbo to meet Boss to pick up Bodi. We met at Petsmart where dog food was procured. Bodi seems in better spirits. He's gotten over his haircut it seems.

I gave him a little walk back home, and met up with Corbie and Celia. Bodi ate some of Corbie's food. Bad Bodi! Now I think I'll tuck into bed relatively early.

Monday, October 19, 2015

how much wood could a woodchuck chuck

Both Saturday and Sunday have been much of the same. Slept in a bit, woke up to parents, got work clothes on and helped chop wood! Dad brought over the hydraulic chopper, and my main duty is pulling the lever back and forth. Dad mostly put logs on the chopper, and Mom stacked. Celia also helped haul wood to and fro'. We chopped my wood, cut larger pieces down to size, and helped Celia with her wood on a "I get half" share in exchange for using the chopper and our labor. Good trade, and there's been more than enough wood piling up! In the two days we got rid of the pile at the top of her driveway, and got a good chunk of the pile behind her house. So many stacks! My pile is now three rows deep, and in the past year I've only burned two rows. We've got some trees to cut down too. With firewood, you really need to think multiple seasons ahead or else you're stuck with buying it pre-cut like a chump or it's too green to burn. Boo.

Anyway, fruitful labor days! On Saturday we had a sandwich break and dinner was cabbage stuffed with rice, tuna fillets, and salad followed by a viewing of Men In Black. Always hilarious. Sunday we had an egg vegetable thing for brunch and Ma and Pa left for home and I cooked up some green beans and folded laundry I'd washed during the day. Then I headed over to Seabeck in the evening, skipping Seahawks traffic. Helping Ma out with some stuff over the next few days, so I'll be here.

I'm getting a lot of use out of my leather travel bag, that's for sure!