Saturday, May 30, 2015

accidentally in the dark

Dad told me the power was going to go out last night, and I didn't remember that it was going to till...it went out. And it stayed out. Oops. Okay.


My internet was spotty, so I moved my setup to the porch, which wasn't too shabby of a place to work from but I wish I had a more functional computer, because hauling out the keyboard and typing on that instead of the one on the laptop is a bit tedious, and the layout of where the mouse/tracker pad is makes it all very awkward and it strains my arms and wrist.

Got a chunk of work done, and went to bed tired.


On site! I photographed and talked this and that. Got two more boxes done. We are nearing the end game of item documentation. Just tidying things up, getting it all organized. MMm hmm. I picked up a few more things to add to the "work for trade" pile, including a Coach purse in excellent condition but still used and thus worth much less. Now I have a second bag of similar size, but in black leather...for my goth looks.

After being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, I arrived in Suquamish! Aaron and I got dinner at Sully's and walked on the beach and I pointed at rocks and asked him to identify them. No way to know if he was actually correct, but he sounded correct. A nice little evening, then back west I went...and the power cut out.


Had a restless night sleep. I just couldn't get settled. I had a light breakfast and popcorn for lunch. I set out my stuff on the porch again, just because it is so nice out there. I think I'll have a hootenanny here for the 4th, and maybe do a less controlled invite than Friendsgiving.

I deposited my checks, but it was in the box not an ATM, so they won't clear till Monday, boo! (I was late getting to the branch). I went food shopping and bought my staples, but I might make another run and get supplies for a crock pot meal. Been craving variety.

A nice mellow day. I didn't do any work from home though...but I have a till next Thursday window to work.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

gotta know where your towel is


Happy Towel Day!

and Memorial Day too!

I posed with my towel, watched Samantha Cristoforetti read from The Guide and looked at her tweets from the ISS because she is literally the coolest person ever. Had breakfast. I went into Brinnon and visited Grandma and Grandpa's gravesite. The flowers have come up really well, and their plot REALLY stands out. It's one of the more tended ones in the cemetary. Afterwards I dropped off postcards at the post office and picked up a slice of banana cream pie from Halfway House.

Ate that pie, mellowed out, read a bit. Did a bit of work from home.


My internet has been sluggish all dang day, but I got work done. Almost have all the spreadsheets done, and almost have all the researched items up on the Squarestore. Almost in the position to vacate my position (almost a month after I said I was thinking of leaving) but sometimes I go slow, and sometimes I just need a kick in the boot. My motivation is still really low, but I'm feeling mentally oodles better, which is a good feeling.

The skin between my eyebrows has been super dry lately, I don't know why. I moisturize but it doesn't seem to stick.

I've been enjoying listening to video game "let's plays" by the Game Grumps dudes as background music. I like audio that sounds like I have company. That sounds very lonely, but I guess I am out here. Shrug.

It gets late so fast, but I also sleep in so much.

Monday, May 25, 2015

it's 1am already? dang

Relaxing Sunday! My body feels less worn out, especially after taking a nice bath and doing a deep condition on my hair (that I'm not sure actually did anything) and starting a fire and sitting in front of the fire and listening to podcasts and sweating through my jammies. Damn it was warm in front of the fire. I try to keep myself running a bit hot. No real reason, but I haven't gotten sick in ages so maybe I'm intentionally running fevers to kill germs?? Who knows. It's not NOT working.

Washed dishes. Ate carbs. Didn't leave the house.

I'm very sedantary these days. I need to pick up a regular activity to combat that. Anyone have gym equipment to pass down to me?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shrimpfest 2X15

My body hurts. I did a bunch of walking today and I'm tired. Whewww! But uhh Friday:


A really, wholly do nothing day. I had eggs and bacon and toast with jam. I had coffee. I watered the plants a bit. I watched TV. I lounged a bit. Read an essay on Tinder. Tindr. That app. It was a really good essay, Chris linked me it. Then I climbed back into my warm cocoon. Oh, I did some laundry too.


Set my alarm so that I wouldn't sleep through half of Shrimpfest. Got up, had some fluids and coffee and crumpet with jam. Got dressed in the clothes that I would wear in a cartoon: black jeans, Palladiums, black hoodie, graphic tee, leather jacket. The graphic tee was the Anadrill one. Representing at Shrimpfest!! I did my makeup in the purple & gray style. Looked like this:

I try to look distinct.

I opted to walk to Shrimpfest because exercise is good and I figured I'd have a few beers and I didn't want to pay for parking (though now I know that parking is free, still the second point stands). I grabbed my umbrella (white for best visibility) and strode out. The initial hill was tricky and my ankle was feeling jammed (like it was a year and a bit ago at the end of my time in Santa Cruz, I should get it checked out by a doctor) but as I started going down the hill it loosened up and started feeling much better. It was raining, but not intensely so. Still my shoes got a bit damp (I need proper walking rain boots). There was a decent line at Shrimpfest and I joined the credit card line and paid my way in. Struck up a conversation with this guy Larry in line, I would run into him a couple times over the fest. Nice fella, and his son was named Nathan.

I hit up an ATM once inside and bought some shrimp beads to represent. There was a band playing some cover songs, and they were fun. I got a garlic dog with onions (ordered it right after Larry & Nathan) and consumed it under a mounted umbrella. Very delicious and warm and filling. I did a circuit of the vendor booths. I filled out a form at the Habitat for Humanity booth, smelled soaps, looked at sand blasted glass mugs, and bought a whoopie pie for first dessert. Yummy! At this point I entered the beer garden and grabbed a beer and a seat and got to something sketching and much needed sitting. I can only be on my feet for so long. Larry joined me for a second and I sketched him and he told me "I'm made of old leather" as a way to discourage me from drawing him. His son also studies art as it turns out, and we chatted briefly across the Beer Garden barrier about brush pens.

Had a second brewski and drew more by myself. I walked around a bit more. Wished there was some cotton candy. I like cotton candy. There was popcorn but ehhh I don't want popcorn all the time. Bought a little nice smelling soap and a doggy treat for Banjo. Penultimately I consumed a funnel cake with powdered sugar and maple on top. Last funnel cake I consumed was in Marietta (Mariette?), Pennsylvania with Rainbow at that stormed out Seven Bridges concert in the park.

Finished the whole cake and stuffed and tired, I dragged myself home. Woof that was an exhausting walk. Did not like the up hills, but eventually it was all downhill. The rain has stopped by then, and the clicker at the gate said 2000 people at visited! Good turn out. Tomorrow is the belt sander races, but I'm not returning.

Celia stopped by and we chatted. I went pajama mode the instant I got home. I'm stuck on a really hard level in Bubble Fins. Jooosshhhh help!!!

Oh and one of Rachel's friends is doing a Highway 101 bike trip, so I may do the kind host thing like so many people did for me a year ago.

Here are more photos: