Friday, August 16, 2013

pow! take that stickers!

Work was very long. Punching stickers out and waiting for stickers to be cut so that you can punch them...takes a while. But it isn't terribly strenuous. I also reclaimed 24 screens in total, but because on how I staggered when I reclaimed them, 10 were able to be coated today! And I caught and boxed a job.

And I melted from the heat.

Don't worry! I kept hydrated!

Still. Whew!

And when I got home it's like all the energy has gone from my body. So tired. I guess I'll climb into bed soon. Unless I get a "up till 2am" second wind. Haha.

Don't know what I'm doing this weekend. I THINK I had an obligation but I just don't know...

Errr. Yeah.

Oh! Finished Golden Compass and now I'm onto Subtle Knife.

bleeting good time

Got another round of art process done and sent off. Yay!

Work was horribly hot. So...very hot. Just sweat everywhere and uhg. Lots of water was consumed. I got all the screens cleaned, so I should, if the timing is good, be able to reclaim some tomorrow (don't want them to sit and collect dust while waiting to be coated).

Oh and we ran sweatpants and shirts and patches.

It was nice to return home and change into not horrible sweaty clothes.

Boss got two goats. Yay more animal noises!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

mostly lazy

Got cramps something fierce at work, but making a heat pad out of shirts sent down the dryer helped. Ended up leaving early because I was not feeling up to snuff. Now I'm going to bed at...what is technically a reasonable hour.

Ran shirts. Ran more shirts. Cleaned things. Found no dead half rats. Stopped by Chase Bank and deposited my deposit for the new place. Next up: first months rent.

Did my laundry. Watched Archer.

Damn. Neglected to do thing I needed to do. I've gotten lazy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

still posting even though my days are in a pattern

Whoo! Another day! Ran some sweaters. Burned some stuff. My Golden Compass files were ordered weird so I couldn't listen to it today, so that was a bummer. I felt really out of it. Probably due to staying up so late.

At home I doodled and watched stuff. I have some Odd Owl stuff to attend to, so that is something productive to do...tomorrow.

I dunno. It's nice having a mental holiday. July was a heckuva month.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'll miss Janet

Week started on a pretty good note. Burned screens. Caught a quick two color job and a single color job. Taped screens. Then we ran a slightly more complicated piece but that looked good. Almost done with The Name of the Wind! Fellowship of the Ring has such a DAMN LONG START! I've forgotten. Kinda slow going when we only listen to it for bits at a time. Harry Potter is MUCH faster paced.

After work I got the 100% thumbs up from Jeff, so now I just have to put in my deposit and first months rent and I'm good to go.And he is only asking for deposit right now, which is nice. Both together won't tap me out. Actually this whole move isn't leaving me as broke as I expected, and rent will be cheaper so I should get back on my feet pretty quick again.

At home I watched telly and read a bit.

Janet left some comics on my bed for me to have. She is so kind and wonderful!

Monday, August 12, 2013

well, that went fast

So on Saturday I slept in, and woke up to find an email... or did I return that email in the evening? Anyway, there was an email from someone who saw my post- no it was in the morning- there was an email from someone, Jeff (a different Jeff), saying they had a room and they linked me to their post. And it sounded really neat and up my alley, so I responded, and after my shower and stuff I got a call and we talked about housing basics and stuff and then we set up a time for me to see the place and that was that! So the rest of the day I relaxed and tidied. Then I went to the Live Oak area to see the house. It is in the middle of a neighborhood with lots of other houses and streets upon streets of houses. Very residential. Jeff works with schools and biking things. Tara works as a nurse in Monterey. Wasabi is an oldish cat who lives in the house. The other roommate is moving to Portland as it turns out, so I didn't meet them. The house has a nice back yard, not lawn back yard. More trees and some sculptures and a big bottlebrush tree. And a pear tree. It's nice. The room is smaller than my current room, but the closet is nice. I could make it work. I plan to make it work as Jeff called me today (Sunday) telling me that they talked about it and would like me to live with them! Yay! Anyway to go back to the meeting. We talked and there are house meetings, so that is neat. And it seems close to a different sort of stuff. Not downtown stuff but stuff...stuff. Maybe I'll be biking more! I'll have to do a "Trillian has moved!" card to send to all my correspondents. So the meeting was good (obviously) and I returned home feeling good. Didn't get up to much for the rest of the day. Just took some much needed head space relaxing time. Then I went to bed and stayed in it for a good long while. Sunday came around and I needed food, so I bought food. And bought some naan. Ate an early dinner and got a call from Jeff! Hurray! I have the room! I threw on some fun makeup and drove up to Felton for the Odd Owl show! They were playing at a newish open air venue that is an outdoor stage in someones sorta backyard. Anyway, it was nice. And even though I was running late, I got there with plenty of time. I had a beer at the start and that was that. Had some pizza and sausage later on. Dina was there, and I met a buncha people. I keep forgetting business cards! But they were awesome and played the old hits and some new stuff and they just jammed for a while, which was great to hear. Just a lot of fun and mingling. Dina lent me her jacket. I went around collecting tips. Chatted for a bit but didn't stay too late as I have work in the morning and BREAKING BAD TO WATCH! Wow, what a start to the season! So good.

I've almost got three weeks left in this month, and I aim to relax. I'll start sorting eventually, but I don't even move in till September. It's nice to have that out of the way. And the rent & utilities are almost a full Benjamin cheaper all together. Sweeet.