Friday, May 22, 2015

what a glorious day


Midway through! I hard a hard time rolling out of bed and getting going, but I got going. Wore a nice shirt. Did my makeup nice. Had a nice drive out. Photographed items for work, and more necklaces for Laura/en. Picked through some odds and ends to make some new listings to sell. Did some research for shipping protocols and found the helpful advice stating that you should drain waterbeds BEFORE you move them.

I swung by the library on the way back, got stuck in traffic, got home and chilled out. TV has slowed down.


Trimmed my nails and painted them bright pink. Did my makeup based on this look I saw online last night (purple matte shade in the crease and a shimmery silver on the lid). I dug it. Very dark and smokey. I ate a bunch of pasta and some healthy green things, then I drove out to Bremerton to meet Karen to hang. We sat on the patio at this tapas place (but I didn't get anything) and chatted recent events and suggestions for moving forward. Then we saw Mad Max Fury Road and goddang that movie is AWESOME!!! So wonderful. Such stunts. Very enjoyable on the second watch, and I'd be down to watch it a third time haha....

And she loved it, so that was good. Always good to watch a movie with someone who enjoys it too.

OHHH I saw a great turquoise Chevy Bel Air. With the fins and chrome. So pretty.

Time to sleep. Feeling very sleepy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

pulali person


I removed my earring to see how it was healing, and I dropped the front part of the stud and have been unable to locate it. I heard it hit the ground but not bounce, so I fear that maybe it went under something in the bathroom. Bummer. I can buy the same-ish earring easily enough (well not easily, I have to go to the shop, but it isn't like I lost one of only two earrings) but I don't wanna. So now I'm back to silver loop in my left ear, and the tiger's eye in the right. It's still healing. That damn scar tissue is being a brat.

I worked from home a bit and got things online for the store.

I made such a minor deal about making longer posts and now I can't think of what else that I did to fill out this day. I watched the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell adaptation, well, the first episode of it anyway. And other TV.

The weather was nice and warm.

I microwaved some popcorn but it turns out that it had expired in October 2008, and the faux butter was totally nasty. Made it taste just...uhg horrible. Popcorn expires! Well the bagged kind does, at least.


Watered the garden and turned the fungus dirt. It is still whiteish looking. I wonder if it will dry out and properly die? I think I saw some growth in the carrots. Do seeds die?

Slept in. I've been sleeping in too much, but my bed is so warm and cozy.

Going to be on site tomorrow.

Dang! How can I not get a decent paragraph about today. I've been listening to Game Grumps as background noise while I work.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Emily Heller, Brett Hamil, and Elicia Sanchez at the Eclectic Theater in Seattle, WA

Emily Heller, Brett Hamil, and Elicia Sanchez at the Eclectic Theater in Seattle, WA.
Micron and ink wash in moleskin.

hetch ee double hockey stick ee arrrr


I was browsing through my old blog posts and I used to write such long entries all the time, but I was also doing so much day to day. Going to this class, then lunch, then another class, then hanging out and doing this and that, or going to First Thursday and seeing all this art. I've been out of college for four years now! Wow!

So today was a really fun great day! Saturday that is. I got to sleep in a little bit, then I had some scrambled eggs with chopped up bacon and cinnamon toast. Put on my stripey tights, my pineapple dress, my black hoodie, my leather jacket, my black Palladiums (though thinking about it, my orange high top Palladiums could have been a great way to bring the colors of my dress out, hmmm next ensemble!), and did shimmery eyemakeup with brows and no winged eyeliner. Just a nice look for being out on the town and hanging and being recognizable. I like to dress worthy of being illustrated, if I'm going to be fancy. Can only wear a tee and jeans to so many functions.

I was originally going to take the Bremerton ferry, but reviewed the Bainbridge times and that was equally as good. On the way there I swung by a coffee drive through and got a coffee to break a $20, not knowing that the parking lot at Bainbridge Island has gone automated. When did we stop having to shove dollars into a numbered slot in a metal thingy to pay for parking? Do we still have to in some places? I finished my smoothie (raspberry) and got a coffee at the ferry dock and finished the coffee by the end of the ferry crossing and felt right on the verge of having had too much coffee. I did a drawing on the ferry ride over, but the drawing was a birthday card for Chris (into which I included a shark sticker because that is how I roll).

Arrived to a gray Seattle day, but no rain! And I was glad it was a bit chilly because it it was hot while I suffered up the hill to Capitol Hill area, ohhh that would have sucked. I strode up Marion in full awesome force. Peed in the bathroom at Seattle Library because that coffee went through me like a champ. Nice library. And continued up the blocks. My fitness app actually was like "wow you did some good exercise today!"

The venue wasn't open (The Eclectic Theater) so I met Chris at Stumptown and we hung out on a bench in a park and chatted podcasts, coffee, life stuff. Hungry, we went down the street a bit to Pike Street Fish Fry and both got the battered cod and chips. Scrumptious. Can't beat a good fish n chip. Catching up with Chris is always great. No matter how long its been, we are always able to talk. It's a really good friendship to have. Had a couple beers at Saint John's Bar & Eatery, which featured a bulls head that was shaped out of Rainier cans. Nifty. I was never one to know all the different places to hang. I've always relied on other people's suggestions. I guess in Santa Cruz I knew maybe, like, one place? I know theaters. If there's a theater near by, I know it. That is what I seek out.

With still time to kill, we got shmancy cocktails at Cafe Pettirosso. When am I ever having a fancy cocktail? Almost never. Treat yo self!

Then, finally, venue time! I saw Emily Heller inside the venue and made eye contact but was far too shy to say anything at that moment. Still, how cool! And she, like my Wentworth Miller sighting almost a decade ago, looks exactly the same in person.

The venue was small. Seating for 20ish people. A guy was solving a Rubik's Cube and I complimented him on his nice cube choice (solid colors, no sticker). Nice friendly crowd. Brett Hamil opened. Funny guy. I liked his jokes about forgetting you ate beets the night before. Elicia Sanchez was next and was hilaaarious! Great stage presence and jokes and rhythm with the crowd. I don't think I've ever seen stand up like this. I saw an open mic in Santa Cruz, but that was a series of 2 minute sets. Very different. I liked this size because everyone was there to have fun and were supportive. I don't know if I'd enjoy being in an audience where someone antagonized the performer. I'm here to have fun and enjoy myself, and fighting against the person trying to make that happen seems...weird?

Anyway, Emily Heller was aweeesome! I love her Baby Geniuses podcast that she does with Lisa Hanawalt (hence why I lugged myself all the way out to Seattle for this show). How do I review comedy? She had good jokes. Relevant, relateable, well transitioning jokes. I dug her. And I talked to her a little bit after the show and bought a poster and she signed it and she recognized me from this Instagram post I made earlier in the day about boating to see the show, so THAT was cool! I had a nice moment (I felt) of banter with Mr. Hamil. "Where did you come from?" "Brinnon." "Where's that?" "Near Quilcene." "Where's that?" "Near Chimacum." Heh heh heh. Small towns.

Absolutely wonderful note to end on. Chris hooked me up with the proper bus to take downtown (the 12) and I caught the 9:55 back to Bainbridge Island. It's probably been three years since I last saw Chris. We should hang more. I should go to Seattle more. It's not a bad city. It just takes time and effort and timing and money to get there. But parking in Bainbridge ain't bad.

I didn't drive all the way back to Pulali. I stopped in Suquamish and stayed over at Aaron's. Not too far out of the way. Banjo is a sweet cuddly doggy, but is prone to chewing noisily on a bone in the middle of the night.


Aaron and I got brunch at The Oak Table Cafe in Kingston. I had the eggs casey (and our server was named Casey) which is chopped bacon in eggs on a croissant, drizzled with mushroom sauce. But the side of pancakes was overkill, but Aaron is a good guy and helped finish those off. Well sated, I took a nap while watching Anthony Bourdain on Netflix...still at Aaron's. So polite of me to just hang out with someone and spend the time napping. Hahah. Then I read a bit about geology from Aaron's illustrated copy of A Short History of Nearly Everything. Learned stuff about the weirdo English dudes who started that whole geology as thing stuff. Then I returned to Pulali.

Did laundry, got shows queued up, Interneted, watched Mad Men and was like "well, that show is gone now." A very good full fun weekend. I love getting out of the house, and really need to do it more often. I just can't think of things to do besides watching movies (in terms of activities that get me out of the house. I also scanned my sketchbook.