Saturday, July 16, 2016

catch up

Ahhh am I a week behind at this point? I think I'm finally feeling not tired as all get out.



Worked! Uhm I can't remember the specific shift. Maybe a partial breakfast and turning of rooms? Oh wait it was a deep clean! Yeah! So I started in on turning some rooms and folding laundry.

Casey and Brynne came over, though they'd only been there for an hour when I arrived. They took a walk and I took a nap and we all convened in the evening for dinner at Celia's. It was a nice salmon, rice, salad ensemble. Yum yum! Brynne was up in the garage and Casey had the Queen because she is very pregnant and I didn't want her peeing in a bucket.


Another work day. I worked mostly up in one room deep cleaning. It had a shower, two tiled spaces, and a tub to be thoroughly scrubbed. I was very thorough, tho I was tag teaming it a bit. Got it done. Moved on to fruit prep and cookies. People checked in, and I was done.

We all took a nap at about the same time. Then it was steak, veggie, and salad for dinner! With a dessert collection of lemon curd tart, cake, ice cream, more cake. Yum! We all had a little serving of everything and declared the lemon curd tart the best, which felt good to me because I'd picked that up from Sweet Laurette's on my way home. Bed time again.


Brynne and Casey both snuck out in the early hours while I was still sleeping. It was a day off for me. I spent it running errands and going to the doctor for the reason why I requested the day off. I left for errands and hour earlier than I should have (was originally going to do them after the appointment but my timing was off). Picked up stuff at Target, went to Ulta and they didn't have the Magic Eraser (makeup remover tool) but they did have like...every shade of Urban Decay's Vice line of lipstick. I swatched a bunch of shades but did not buy any. At Sephora they did have the Magic Eraser! I got it, and my Sephora birthday freebie (a little lipstick and eyeliner). Then I got a game at Barnes and Noble, a book version of Apples to Apples. THEN it was doctor appointment time. Just a check up, check in, update, plus I got a tetanus booster because you should get those every ten years. My arm still hurts. After I went to Seabeck and hung out with Ma & Pa. Saw my apple tree, got food, had toast from their Breville toaster, chatted about Niece Kaylee. A nice little time. Then I headed out again. Got gas. Food at Trader Joe's and I bought a new cell phone! I still hope that receipt will turn up before the 2 year mark. I got it at Christmas so I have a window of time. Just need to finish cleaning and tidying. The new phone is a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Not a big phone, but it is light and works fast and I'm digging the features. Alas it cannot play Pokemon Go. Not enough ram. But everything else works for me. And it was much cheaper than phones I was less interested in.

Back at home I got the phone set up and toodled around on the Internet.


Back to work! Half fluffs, half turns. I did all the fluffs and we didn't tag team the rooms so much because the way the second person came in made the timing a bit odd. Still, it worked.

Afterwards I saw Ghostbusters at The Rose and it was super fun! Hurray for movies with women in the leading roles! Super classic comedy? Maybe not. A step in a better direction? Ya. I hope this gives rise to more like it. Good silly fun.


And I went to sleep around midnight and slept in best as I could, which was only till 9. I watered the plants. Looking a bit dry out here. Might do another water tomorrow. Rinsed my car, didn't fully wash it. Ate pasta. Played some games. Beat the Rebel Flagship again in FTL. Pretty chill day.

Sorry I let the updates get so behind. I'd promise it won't happen again but it probably will.

Friday, July 15, 2016

here's a taste

Will blog soon. Note to self you'll have to sum up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Brynne and Casey's during the day arrival on Tuesday with the salmon dinner, then the steak and epic dessert spread dinner the next day. Deep clean. And hella errands on Thursday. That's what y'all have to look forward to!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

tony bobby aly

Karen visited on Sunday! But she got caught by the bridge being up, so she took the long way around. What a pal! I made this cranberry chicken in the crockpot and mashed potatoes from the garden. The chicken tastes better microwaved. The gravy was supposed to be sticky but it was more...liquidy. I dunno. But it was great as leftovers and Karen cleaned her plate. Lily was cute and had plenty of smiles and she puked on me a little bit. Nothing too bad. Earlier in the day I talked to Celia and we ate raw snap peas. So tasty! And my iced coffee turned out pretty good, though I think next batch I'll grind it finer. That yellow ceramic dish with the lid seems perfect for cold brewing.

Nice to have Karen over because I cleaned prior to her visit so I just had to tidy a bit more for Brynne and Casey's. Right now Celia's is more tidy. For the 4th she did a major cleaning. I haven't had the time or the energy to do another big cleaning/organizing push. I have a three day weekend coming up. I don't think I'm overworked but I am not being smart about my sleep schedule.

Today I did breakfast shift and I feel so not confident on breakfast. There's too many little things I don't know, but I'm learning. I want to be a good employee. After that it was six turns and two preps for deep cleaning. Did three bathrooms and vacuumed an other room stuff. I was very sluggish and out of it. 8am start times just fry my noodle so much.

But I've been using the clock radio set to classical to wake me up because the alarm app is unreliable, and that's been nice.

I made up the king guest bed with sheets and I did it like I do at work and I put a Hershey's on the bed (wrapped). Ma and Pa, if you're nice I might do the same for your next visit. You're pretty nice. I bet I'll do the same.

And it's probably good you didn't come on Sunday as the bridge was down.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

memories & hair

 Last baseball game I went to was a Montgomery Biscuits game, in case you don't remember that blog entry.

Five full days is exhausting, even if I don't feel like I need an immediate nap. At work we turned seven rooms and fluffed one. Got it done with time to spare. I cleaned lots of bathrooms, made one bed. I also dusted, evicted spiders, swept, and checked in a nice couple from Wisconsin.

Made a grocery run and got home and relaxed. Played games. Slept.

Got my hair cut by Anna in Quilcene! Nice younger lady with her own little salon. 10am appointment for some dumb reason because I hadda get up and leave! No sleeping in on Saturday! It was a nice trim and an update to the bangs. And it's great that I can get a good trim in town! And a good deal. She even tried to give me change, as if I wasn't going to tip.

I ended up taking a nap when I got home. Still tired. I cleaned the floor in the kitchen, tidied up, did a bunch of laundry, folded laundry. Watched television. Got a bit more cleaning to do, like vacuuming. But the downstairs looks a'ight.