Saturday, December 8, 2012

short entry about a nice enough Friday

I don't feel like blogging. It was a pretty cool day at work. Coated some screens. Prepped some for discharge. Taped some. We ran job on canvas, and the artist we ran them for came in and helped. That was neat. Hats were run, but I didn't run them. Stewart did.

Went home. Watched telly. Lined up my weekend plans. Ate a lot of carbs.

Friday, December 7, 2012

gimme gimme

Oops I am slacking on my Christmas gifties. Need to get on that, but I got invited to do rad things this weekend...choices choices.

I did a lot of screen reclaiming at work today. 25 in total, 18 emulsified. Getting 156's into circulation again because a job coming up needs a lot of them. Also ran some hat transfers. There is paper that if you print onto, and then put this powdered glue on top of the print, and heat set it, you can then use a heat press and transfer THAT to a hat or shirt or whatever. I didn't know that was possible. Now I do! So that will probably happen in the coming days, the hat transfers I mean. Didn't get around to getting some of the screens ready for discharge ink. Suddenly there are tons of things to do! AHhh! The pre-Christmas rush! But all is well and super duper.

At home I did laundry and watched way too much Once Upon a Time. That "playing next episode in 3...2...1..." thing is just so automatic. It isn't the best show, but it is good to have on in the background.

My blogs are getting so short, but I don't know how to expound upon my days.

Oh, I added Pandemic to my Christmas List. The calendars I mention can be found at Drawn & Quarterly here and here. The Hark! A Vagrant store can be found here (you can also get the calendars from there). I think that is all the categories you need? And by you I mean Ma & Pa.

I'll get working on those gifts soon...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

star trek into ERMERGERD

It hasn't even been an hour since the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer released and I'm already so exhilarated with excitement.

Spent some time cleaning at work. Figured out the order on one of the jobs, but ran a different one. The seps were done on vellum and were a pain to register, but we did it! Cara (Kara? I need to find out if that is a C or a K with her name) caught for a bit, and we chatted about how she should totally spoil her kids this Christmas.

Had dinner at Burger again, tried the "Hank Williams Sr." burger. It was okay. Like, they are perfectly serviceable burgers but nothing too phenomenal. You know whose burgers I am eagerly awaiting? Dad's. Made with Awesomesauce.

Oh wow, a little more than a week till THE HOBBIT!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

wobbly bangs are a girls best friend

Cut my bangs tonight. They are a bit wobbly and need some work, but they are nice and short! Opens up the face, yeah?

Today was another long shift. Yay for getting hours right before a significant of time off from work! I cut and bagged stickers. I taped up some screens. I caught some jobs. Talked to Andrew about movies and such. Talked to boss about audiobooks and how they work (an extenuation of a conversation we had yesterday). We ran another job after the first job. Oh and I mixed discharge ink, so that was nifty. 6% powder weight to the weight of the discharge goop. Need to remember how to do percentages...err you multiply it by .06 right?

Anyway. I cleaned out the leftover leftovers from the fridge when I got home. Had a bacon and egg nibbles dinner. Cut my bangs. Watched telly. Figuring out how to spend this remaining time. It is coming together though, which is nice. I'm starting to see how things will unfold and happen and in what order and how I will do it. Which is a nice stage to be in, when things are getting down to it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I started listening to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and I got so caught up I ended up working two hours without even taking note! I was cutting stickers and bagging them and all that fun stuff. I'm looking forward to a good long listen, after several books that clock in at around 10 hours.

It was a nice day today, hurray! I burned some screens, I taped them, I helped run a vinyl printing job. Tricky stuff, weird ink, very smelly ink too. I cut down paper. Stewart mixed ink. A nice long shift. Chopping stickers takes longer than one might think, and I'm still not yet done!

Back at home I had some pasta, and relaxed in my jammies. Didn't think about all the things I have to do and the remaining time I have to do them in. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Heart Shaped Box had a very satisfying ending. Wasn't the most groundbreaking of stories, but it was told really well.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

wants and haves

I went to the other art store to check out their wares, and while they lacked specific/artist specific things, they had a pretty good range. They had the craft supplies I was looking for and they also had this awesome tea strainer that looked like a diving helmet. I didn't get it, but maybe someone could order me it for Christmas/my birthday? There is also a robot tea strainer, if you are into that kind of thing. I'll also need a cool calendar for this coming year. You guys know what my taste is like. And by you guys I mean the only people who read this blog: ma & pa.

(And occasionally Jared, hi Jared!)

Today I washed my sheets and my work clothes. Separately, of course, because one is delicate and one gets a heavy duty wash. I also worked on my Christmas prezzies a bit.

I hung up a few posters, just to spruce up my room a bit more. It is looking cozy, and the red shelf is making itself useful for holding odds and ends.

I slept in. My body now feels up to snuff. It was feeling a bit sore and tired at work this past week. Strain builds up, you know.

Had another massive tasty scramble.

Now I am watching my Sunday telly. Another week begins! Counting down to Christmas!

double feature Saturday

Oh wow. I did nothing today. It felt great!

Slept in. Had a big scramble that kept me sated through most of the day. Finished watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Awesome movie. Watched Strictly Ballroom. Also great movie. Mom. Watch that movie. It is on Netflix Instant.

Carmen and Josh stopped by for a bit to pick up their screen and pan. I got to play Josh's new game for a bit. It was super fun! I like the graphics.

Annnd...that was about it for today. Nice to just sit back. No running about. Tomorrow I'll run about.