Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Portrait #30 - Self Portrait

Me me me

to do lists everywhere

It is the weekend and I have some art to make! Or at least some art to start/conceive.

Work was short, rather than long. I cleaned squeegees and floodbars and screens while Andrew tuned up the machine. It is running so cherry now. He did a bang up job on it. We ran the fronts and banks on a job, and that was boxed. I cleaned some screens and got those ready to be reclaimed. When the weather cleared up a bit, I quickly dehazed my screens & Carmen's. Though quickly wasn't quick enough because the rain still came down. My screens are pretty long since stained. The dehazing did a little but not much.

Came home. Did a bit of shopping. Did my final portrait. Ate dinner. Ray came over and we hung out for a bit.

I really like my pictures hanging above my bed. It makes for a nice something to have in my eyeline, behind my computer screen.

Only two weeks till The Hobbit!! And three weeks till I go home for Christmas!

AHHH THREE WEEKS, I better get cracking on things.

Friday, November 30, 2012

November Portrait #29 - Tabitha Knight

Tabitha Knight

can't wait for The Hobbit. TWO WEEKS!!

Buuhhh. It always seems like I have tons of time, and then I start in on a portrait and then BAM it is midnight. Oh well.

At work I caught shirts, mostly. Ran the front of one job, and then the front and back of another. Boxed em. It was windy and rainy. There is a lot of cleaning to be done. Squeegees. This big CMYK simulated process job is happening soon, so we'll need every squeegee we got clean and ready for use.

Got out a bit early and went home and ate the avocado before it went bad. I hung up my travel postcards. I try to get a WPA inspired (or reprint if the National Park actually had a WPA poster) postcard from the National Parks I visit, and they are the perfect size for the 4x6 Ikea frames. I bought 10 frames and had 11 postcards, so the Shasta Caverns one will have to wait till I get four more postcards. I have them in two rows of five above my bed. They are ordered in order of visit to location. My room is really coming together...course now I can't leave for a while seeing as how it has come together. And by leave I mean move out...but I don't see that happening for a while.

Anyway. Drew. Kept warm. Ate food. December is upon us!

OOHHH I got my ticket to see The Hobbit. IMAX! 3D! BOOYAH!!

Man. I need to really buckle down and get my Christmas stuff done, and done quick. Waaah! Time will go by so fast. But I'm going to take it easy first for a couple days.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Portrait #28 - Melissa "Mel" Larsen

Melissa Larsen

Punctuation Mark in Restaurant Name.

We ran hat transfers in the morning, and boss and Andrew went off to install some things, so I was left to do solo things. I finished Well of Lost Plots, which was excellent. The Thursday Next series just builds and builds and builds upon itself. I love it! Then I started listening to Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box and got genuinely scared a couple times and had to switch to Spice Girls just to sort of..not be scared. It is a scary book, and I'm just starting! I wonder how much more frightening it will get.

So while they were gone, I did the hats, and coated some screens, and unboxed some shirts, and there were more things I could have done, but they returned and set up the backs to the job and we ran it. Gold ink smells funny.

Did I mention that I've given up cut offs? It is pants season. Boo!

I spent a lot of time thinking about my Christmas print. Maybe I should make a Christmas card as well? A simple two color thing. Or maybe...a Christmas zine! Ahhh I don't want to over tax myself...or do I?

After work, Steve and I met up and went to Burger. It is a restaurant. Named Burger. It did not disappoint. They also had a massive beer menu. Where you order and the service style, and prices, were very accessible and unfancy, but the dining interior and bar were very lovely. A bit loud but overall a nice environment. Would return!

It was a cold night, but not rainy. I wonder how long winter lasts in Santa Cruz? It seems to start around the start of December, lets see when I'm back in shorts on a regular basis.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Portrait #27 - Wayne Bund

Wayne Bund

Tuesday Meatballs

Starting to feel like I'm not catching up on sleep. Even though I did get in bed at a good enough hour last night.

My body was hurting less today, so that was good.

At work I, you guessed it, taped screens! And I burnt some more screens. And since we are clearing some space out of the exposure room, I finished up my shift by reclaiming screens. Not all the ones waiting to be reclaimed, but half of them. Tomorrow they shall be coated. I also cut some stickers and other things. Some shirts came in, so a job shall be run soon. Such a fast turn over!

After work I decided to go to Ikea, because I wanted to get frames so my Christmas print will go into a frame and be all nice and lovely. So I drove on up, and missed the traffic. Had some meatballs and then went to get frames. Though I made the mistake to walk through the store...so I also got a magnetic board, hand towels, napkins, note pads, wine cozies that are shaped like a cockatoo and a shark... hahaha. But yeah, yay Ikea!

Now I have plenty of frames and all is well. Now to make art to go into them!

Back at home I worked on tidying things away into my new shelves. Want to get rid of the presence of boxes, so I'm full and properly moved it. I'm getting there! Tomorrow I think I'll put up my shelves. That red shelving unit is one too many and I have nothing to really put in it, so I might stow it in the basement for the time being.

Yaaawn. Ohhh. Time to go to sleep.

Blehhh just looked at my bank account. Time to be frugaler! Except I need to get my ticket to see The Hobbit in Imax. Ohhh 3D or 48fps? I just don't knooow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Portrait #26 - Serenity Ibsen

Serenity Ibsen

I need my hands to work!

I was fighting super soreness all day. I woke up and my hands felt funky and stiff. Plus my knee feels out of whack. Need to get to bed a lot earlier than I have been. Like, once I blog I am going to bed. Might read a bit, but for sure going to bed.

It is starting to get chilly. Starting to think about wearing pants over cutoffs to work. Hmm. Starting to think about switching to pants when it is almost December. Ha!

Work was a bit slow. A lot of housekeeping. Refilled the press wipe bottles. Refilled the glue bottle, which was a pain because the problem with things that contain glue is their caps get way stuck on. Cleaned screens, didn't reclaim them though. Will probably do that tomorrow if the weather holds up. Taped some screens. Listened to a good chunk of my audiobook. Burned some screens. Tomorrow will be more taping and reclaiming. Hopefully my hands will feel better, it's tough to do a job that needs your hands when you hands are hurting for some unknown reason.

Back at home I just drew and ate leftover crab stuffing. Uneventful day and night. Back in the swing of things!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Portrait #25 - KB Sawyer

K.B. Sawyer

Holly is a sensitive dog

Said goodbye to Ma & Pa. That was such a fun little vacation! Lots of roaming around my city and food and fun and a bit of shopping.

They said they'd get me a mattress for Christmas, and right on cue my bed is starting to feel really uncomfortable. Haha. You'd think the futon would be trying to win me over or something.

Met up at the motorhome at around 10:30. Pancakes for breakfast! Yay! The first stop, after dropping Holly off, was Lighthouse Field State Park. We found parking at the museum, which didn't open till noon, so we got the binoculars and watched the surfers. And I say that in a non creeper way. They were really good surfers! Binocs just make it easier to appreciate their skills.

It was another beautiful day. The weather has been amazing during my parent's visit. Now they are going back to sucky Seabeck weather. California is curing my Pacific Northwest Stockholm Syndrome.

The Surfing Museum was pretty cool. A little place, with lots of boards and history. From there we walked down to the beach and then walked back because there were quite a few dog poops on the beach. I drove and parked downtown and we walked up Front Street. I was able to point out some shirts I had printed in a shop window. We checked out the Museum of Art and History, which had an exhibit of Collections. Like, different things people have collected over time, like skulls, old drills, burnt sculptures, computers, etc. And each collection had a blurb about the collector, which I really liked.

There was a history exhibit as well, and Santa Cruz strikes me as very prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. Well, maybe not PRONE but they have had a few in the past 100 years. There, like at the Surfing Museum, was some history about Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian surfer who spent time at Santa Cruz. I wonder if he has a cool biography about him-NO! TRILLIAN! You have ENOUGH to read.

After the museum, Ma and Pa were hungry, so we stopped at a Thai food place on Pacific. I moved my car because the time was starting to run low. Ma and Pa ordered for me, which was fine because between Ma's soup and Dad's squid salad and spring rolls and side of rice and chicken satay, there was more than enough food for the three of us.

We walked down Pacific. Dad got a swell shirt at O'Neill's. We went into Logos and I found a copy of X'ed Out by Charles Burns for SEVEN BUCKS! Sweet deal! Ma got some vinyl, Dad got a CD. Then we all got froyo! And they got some tea at Trader Joe's.

Then we swung by my house and picked up a very excited and enthusiastic Holly and went to Seacliff State Park, or Cliff Sea Park. Something with a cliff. Holly was a good dog. One of the other little dogs went after her. What a jackass that dog was. Every other dog was mellow and Holly was mellow. That one dog though. Boo! Holly went down all the steps and all the way onto the wharf. She may be an old dog, but she can tromp with the best of them. The sunset was pretty. Holly went up the 149 steps like a trooper. She just likes attention.

At my house we picked up the remaining pie, Holly's food and blanket, and then I took Ma and Pa home and hugged them goodnight and goodbye.

Back at home, all by myself, I drew my portrait for the day and ate cookies.