Saturday, April 6, 2013

blood, sweat, but no tears


Had a relatively easy end to the work week. Cut some stickers. Listened to Anathem, which is confusing me royally. Ran a couple shirts. Cleaned some screens. As I was cutting sticker at the end of the day, the Exacto caught on something and flipped out of my hand, cutting my pointer finger. The blood ran freely and I quickly washed it out. Andrew disinfected it, but I didn't even wince, and put a bandaid on it. That was super helpful as it's hard to apply a bandaid with your non dominant hand. I went around and cleaned up my trail of blood, and got a few stories from my Boss of the different times he has cut himself. The bandaid was good and secure, and waterproof so that it kept it properly sealed in. No leakage.

I kept my arm elevated and took it easy. Then I headed up to San Jose later in the evening. I think I milked the injury for a proper amount of sympathy from Steve. We got pizza, and then met up with Jenn and Adam and saw Jurassic Park in 3D at the IMAX. SO BADASS! It looked so nice up on the big screen. So crisp and remastered. Mmm. A good way to end the week.


I spent the night in San Jose. Sometimes I feel like driving at night, sometimes I don't. It wasn't so bad heading back down. The Sunday traffic wasn't bad.

Back at home I got to work getting caught up on telly. Hannibal and Doctor Who mainly. I took a nap. Janet posted on Craigslist the advert for the room. It is looking to be a casual weekend. Gotta go shopping tomorrow. Fruit, veggies, all that stuff.

Friday, April 5, 2013

the difference a year can make

A year ago today (April 4th) I left Washington for California. I made it to Medford that day, and on the 5th I pulled into Redwood City to live with my brother while I looked for work. Nate has now moved to Menlo Park (or whatever that area is) and I found work in Santa Cruz. Work in my field doing what I dig. And today of all days, I got a raise! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was a vinyl heavy day, but rejoice the vinyl was cut a bit better so it was much easier to weed! And I only messed up once, and it was on one that was inconsequential. There were some big vinyl, and some small ones, and some tricky ones and some easy ones. I finished Odd Hours and....I dunno it was a bit odd. It suffered from that "set up" story problem that series often gets, though thus far hasn't been an issue in the series. I think the world building was a bit too unanswered and some of the characters a bit too...charactery. Ah, oh well. I started Anathem and...I'm a bit confused. But I'll keep with it.

I also taped screens, and cut stickers, and bagged stuff. And that was mostly it. I...I think I did something else? Can't quite recall. The boss asked if I'd like to get dinner to talk about work stuff, and I agreed.

At 6:30 we met at Hong Kong Charlie and I got these not quite spicy noodles with pork, and they were so very good. Mmm. Boss and I talked about travels and other things, and the work related stuff was in regards to how good I am! How reliable I am, how on time I am, and all my other good qualities. And then he gave me a raise! And a not too shabby one at that. I mentioned that I was thinking about asking for a raise, as I have had a lot more responsibilities  A little while ago I mentioned in passing how it's almost been a year since I moved to California, and maybe that comment is what spurred his thinking that maybe I should get a raise, for sticking around and being awesome? Either way, YAY RAISE! And yay for having a damn good boss.

At home I watched Elementary. Just such a damn charming show.

Now to do the adult thing and get a good night sleep!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

trying to eat more greens

I loaded a good chunk of Anathem onto my MP3 player, so that'll probably be next in my audiobook queue. I've only got about 2 hours left on Odd Hours, so that'll last me through part of tomorrow. I've got a bunch of weeding to do. Way too much weeding. It almost seems like it goes fast but then at the same time it doesn't. I got really crosseyed. Damn cursive logos. So many little bits.

Still so excited about the Neil Gaiman tour.

He will be in Seattle on July 2nd, at the Town Hall Seattle, 7pm. It doesn't look like event tickets are up for sale, but it is a Tuesday. I'll keep you posted, Ma & Pa.

At work I weeded vinyl, cleaned squeegees and floodbars, burned screens, and weeded even more vinyl. It was a full day but it went fast.

Met Andrew's girlfriend who had a really cool name like Julalene...but not quite. Ahhh. She had really nice eyebrows.

Had salad for dinner, and rice crackers with creme cheese for dessert. Surprise surprise, I'm still a bit hungry. My body is too used to being shoveled carbs.

Tomorrow is Thursday! That happened so quick.

Neil in The City

I got my ticket to see Neil Gaiman! June 28th in San Francisco. A Friday. But I'll just take that day (or rather afternoon) off. And the ticket includes the book, so I've got that sorted! Nice. Can't wait to ask him to sign the book to Trillian. Ohhh what ever shirt will I wear!?

AHhh work was long and arduous. Printing a bunch of totes, but because the squeegee ran over the seam it sort of...damaged the screen. And a button on a polo also damaged a screen. Booo. Screens are all fine and dandy until you have to print over something not smooth. There is a pallet with an indent used for zippered stuff, but no such thing for tote seams. But the totes came out looking nice. I'll break down the press in the morning. It was a solid 8 hours and I was glad to get home and in my pajamas. It was a beer and pasta sort of evening. Been eating a lot of salad. Bags of salad are now on my "buy every TJ's visit" list, right there with apples, bananas, and OJ.

Tomorrow looks to be a "cleaning and prep" day at work. I'm down for that.

I am listening to Odd Hours.

Ahhh oh my god still excited about Neil Gaiman. Ma, if I know of a Seattle venue of his, I'll let you know! He was buddies with Douglas Adams, it would be great if you went to a signing and name dropped me. Hehehe.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

trust no one on april first

Finished Divergent. I dunno, it started really strong but it had some weak points. Maybe when books are set out to be written as trilogies, then more can be left out of single tomes and so they don't have the best structure because experiencing it you know it is all just the first act. Still, it had some good parts. Though I think so much of the main body of the story was shucked a bit by the way it changed in the end, and there are some holes in regards to world building. Again that might be something resolved in later books, but it shouldn't HAVE to be that way.

Not sure what I'll listen to next.

At work we ran a common job. Took a lot of little tweaks, but we did it. Ran a small job too. I counted shirts. Burned some screens. All in a days work!

My arms hurt all day, I think my groceries may have been too heavy.

I've been taking it easy far too many days in a row, need to do something! Hmm.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Davos Seaworth Power Hour


Amanda moved out this morning. She was out quite quickly.

I watched the rest of Black Mirror, which is the awesome piece of miniseries BBC speculative fiction. Steve's friend Travis was having a little Easter shindig, so I went up yonder to attend that. I had two kinds of meat, brownies, apple crumble, cake, potato salad, veggies, and even more food. Mmmm. I should have had more meat though. It was good cookin'. I played Super Smash Brothers with Nargas' kids, but they were too young to really properly play and kept switching characters with me because obviously that is the way to play better...the in game person not the controls. Hahah. Anyway, that was fun.

I returned to Santa Cruz in the evening, and it was rainy so I went very slow on 17. Not a fun road to take in the rain, but at least when it is late you can take it as you like.


Watched the new episode of Doctor Who as I ate my breakfast, it was charming. I made an extending shopping list, as I needed to get things like rice and jam and the other stuff that I buy about every other month instead of weekly staples (like apples and bananas and granola bars). Went food shopping. Only using a hand cart helps prevent impulse buying, though Toblerones are quite light and small. Not saying I bought a ton of Toblerones, but I did buy more than one.

At home I kicked my feet up and gnoshed and watched Game of Thrones season two. Gearing up for season three, which premiered tonight and was awesome.

Besides food, it really was a do nothing day. Which is nice to have.