Friday, January 29, 2016

learning one panel at a time

Oi my eyes are buggin'. Lots of monitor staring and staring at type. Didn't get the card done, but the only thing I have left is the edition type. The front art is done! Should have a couple of these in the mail soon. Printed up about 24. I can reprint, but I also want to have these on hand for the near future. February's card design will be... ???

I cleared the ditches again. They didn't need many leaves cleared from them, but the top of the ditch needed more digging out. Want to keep the ground water off to the side. Things are flowing all right. Just so much rain. So much water. Mmmhmm.

Shiiiiiit I've got so much Dungeons and Dragons reading I've been neglecting!! No time on Saturday prior because I'm going to Karen's baby shower earlier in the day. All my social is crammed into one day.

Didne get the job I applied for. Oh well. Just gotta keep an eye on the listings. I pounced on the last one when it came up, and Celia got a new newspaper. Maybe there will be something in there? I hate the "drop off resume in person" jobs because it's like...a 45 minute drive where I might talk to someone! Bleh!

OOHHH SNAP! The Chimacum farm stand is hiring. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Maybe swing by. Get out of the house.

And last time I applied I had just messed up my pinky toe, so this time I won't be so Limpy McGee!

Feels good to go to bed on a slightly better note...unless I call and they are like "yup we filled that".

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Started drawing one comic, and paused to draw this one instead. I'll draw the other one tomorrow. I pulled my yearbook as a reference for the first comic, hence the inspiration. I posted this in the reunion group too, hope they get a kick out of it! I included a "haha just kidding". Then again, I don't really care all that much because I seriously only remember about fifteen people from my class.

I also started FINALLY carving this month's card! And I'd say I'm 80% carved! I'm stopping so I don't mess it up while tired, but I think I'll have some finished ones by tomorrow night. Made a few mistakes, but that's how one learns, eh? Forgot to flip a couple details in the image, so now they are reversed. I don't think anyone will notice too much, but I know it's there.

Measured stuff for Ma and Pa. Didn't get up to much else besides art making and browsing Craigslist for jobs. Not much right now, but maybe tomorrow?

Whole lot of caregiver and truck driver stuff.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

it's a snowshoe

Telling people I'm going to turn a conversation into a comic isn't the threat I want it to be.

Went over to Kitsap today! Swung by Napa and got a new lightbulb for my front passenger headlight. Then went to Seabeck to get Dad to replace the lightbulb. I helped. Well, observed. But I did sort of help. Dad showed me what to remove, but he really had to strong arm the plastic cover to get it off. There's no way I could have done that on my own. 

And I opened Nate & Helen's gifties! I got a boss cozy sweater that I took a hearty nap in later in the day. So snuggly! And I was given some lovely Moleskine's! Now to sketch in them. Yaay!

I didn't hang out too long because Ma and Pa were going to see Tower of Power. I made a Target & Trader Joe's run and returned home. Took a nap for some reason. Then did my comic. Now to sleep, I suppose.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

floor eggs

This comic happened a while ago, but I felt like publicly admitting my shame. Except no shame in the eating eggs off the ground game!

Anyhoo, I booted up InDesign and dusted off the ol' resume! Updated the references and work history and even applied to a job! How many jobs did I apply to last time? Hotel, farm stand, antiques...I'm not incredibly worried because I live in a place that still advertises jobs in the newspaper. Just finding something with good hours that isn't too physically tasking would be great.

So yeah! First steps on the job hunt front.

Also did a bunch of laundry. Some of it is still rattling about. Tomorrow I have some errands to run, so I'll go run those!

Will finally open my present from Nathan and Helen! I hope it's neat! It'll be neat, I'm sure.

Monday, January 25, 2016

little pains

Celia took me out for fish and chips! Yum yum, birthday treat continues! And the newspaper had some good job adverts. Goodish. Uhg don't wanna think about jobs just yet.

But yeah, yum! And Celia gave me a mug that has a paint pen so I can paint and fire it! Now I just need to know what to put on it! So fun!

Drew comic. Pretty mellow Sunday. If I didn't have the comic to post, I probably would have skipped today's post and summed up both days tomorrow. I guess I'm entering the boredom stage of unemployment. But drawing has been good!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Got up early to go to the Brinnon Post Office to get a bit of mail out before the 11am cut off. Got the package in, and now it is off to Redwood City!

A guy commented that my front light was out, and yup! So it is! I'll fuss with it when I have the daylight to go buy and install a new bulb. Back at home I had breakfast and coffee, then I loaded up my player with podcasts and got to cleaning the ditches. Celia had already done a first pass, I so just scraped out the new build up, and I pushed around some gravel to hopefully fill in some of the minor erosion. Water does so much damage so fast!

Doing the comic about clearing ditches taught me:

  • to have more of a sense of spacing out words (don't like the break of clearing and how squashed overflow became)
  • that I don't know how to draw gravel roads
  • perspective is tough
But in doing these comics, I am learning so much! Doing stuff wrong teaches you to do it right moreso than always doing it right enough.

Tomorrow I need to work on this month's card. Like I said, I want to do one design a month! I know what I want to make, I just gotta carve it.

Now I'm feeling a bit tired so I think I'll tuck in earlier than usual.

When I finish this episode of TGBBO/TGBBS...