Friday, January 29, 2016

learning one panel at a time

Oi my eyes are buggin'. Lots of monitor staring and staring at type. Didn't get the card done, but the only thing I have left is the edition type. The front art is done! Should have a couple of these in the mail soon. Printed up about 24. I can reprint, but I also want to have these on hand for the near future. February's card design will be... ???

I cleared the ditches again. They didn't need many leaves cleared from them, but the top of the ditch needed more digging out. Want to keep the ground water off to the side. Things are flowing all right. Just so much rain. So much water. Mmmhmm.

Shiiiiiit I've got so much Dungeons and Dragons reading I've been neglecting!! No time on Saturday prior because I'm going to Karen's baby shower earlier in the day. All my social is crammed into one day.

Didne get the job I applied for. Oh well. Just gotta keep an eye on the listings. I pounced on the last one when it came up, and Celia got a new newspaper. Maybe there will be something in there? I hate the "drop off resume in person" jobs because it's like...a 45 minute drive where I might talk to someone! Bleh!

OOHHH SNAP! The Chimacum farm stand is hiring. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Maybe swing by. Get out of the house.

And last time I applied I had just messed up my pinky toe, so this time I won't be so Limpy McGee!

Feels good to go to bed on a slightly better note...unless I call and they are like "yup we filled that".

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Anonymous said...

You seem pretty busy. You seemed to change your clothes in each cartoon cells. You can't dwell on precision. Dad