Sunday, January 24, 2016


Got up early to go to the Brinnon Post Office to get a bit of mail out before the 11am cut off. Got the package in, and now it is off to Redwood City!

A guy commented that my front light was out, and yup! So it is! I'll fuss with it when I have the daylight to go buy and install a new bulb. Back at home I had breakfast and coffee, then I loaded up my player with podcasts and got to cleaning the ditches. Celia had already done a first pass, I so just scraped out the new build up, and I pushed around some gravel to hopefully fill in some of the minor erosion. Water does so much damage so fast!

Doing the comic about clearing ditches taught me:

  • to have more of a sense of spacing out words (don't like the break of clearing and how squashed overflow became)
  • that I don't know how to draw gravel roads
  • perspective is tough
But in doing these comics, I am learning so much! Doing stuff wrong teaches you to do it right moreso than always doing it right enough.

Tomorrow I need to work on this month's card. Like I said, I want to do one design a month! I know what I want to make, I just gotta carve it.

Now I'm feeling a bit tired so I think I'll tuck in earlier than usual.

When I finish this episode of TGBBO/TGBBS...

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