Saturday, April 13, 2013

I welcome the sun and the weekend with it

Work was pretty short, which was nice because the day was beautiful. I coated screens, I taped screens, I patched screens, I prepped screens for printing. Not all in the order. It was a screen sort of day.

Went home and washed my car. Now it is all shiny and pretty. I finished Silence of the Lambs...which I started YESTERDAY! 10 hour audiobooks take me about 3-4 days worth of work to finish, and I often take music breaks. Took very few music breaks between those two books.

I met up with Ryan, James, and two new people: Camille and Marina to catch Danny Boyle's new movie: Trance, at the Del Mar. I got my standard clementine Izze and big popcorn, AND the girl at the ticket office recognized me so she didn't ID me. I'm now a recognized customer! Anyway, as for the film it was within the genre of dream within a dream and what is and isn't real, and it was pretty damn good for being of that genre. It was hard to get a hold of character motivations, but it was neatly wrapped up. Though it was confusing for longish stretches of time. It was quite a bit shocking at times, but it was quite the beautiful movie. And James McAvoy was neat.

Afterwards we went to 99 Bottles for beer (they have 99 varieties available). I had a pint of this oatmeal stout that was tasty. We chatted about customs, about art, about the movie, about other movies. There was a live band and Marina and I watched them play for a bit. It was all quite the nice evening.

When I was riding back someone said "hey dude on the bike, where's the beach" and I pointed to the beach and then pointed out I was a girl. I've never been assumed to be a dude before. Was it the polka dot helmet?

Friday, April 12, 2013

I now get the book references!

I'm halfway through Silence of the Lambs. You can tell I had a social day at work. Cleaned squeegees and floodbars. Burned screens. Prepped screens for discharge. Cleaned screens. Reclaimed 20 screens. Listened to a good book with a Strong Female Character. Not a bad Thursday, not a bad one at all. A full 8 hour day, too.

Trance comes out tomorrow. Excited to see that. We are going to review a roommate on Saturday. I'll be getting up early and going to the dog park. I'm staying on this side of 17. Don't feel like driving up yonder.

Hannibal the show takes on such a new light after having gotten through Red Dragon.

The warm weather is here, it seems. Hurray!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

humpday gone and done

Work started a bit late, which was nice because I had time to talk to Janet about looking for new housemates and all that.

We ran the back on a job, and the front on a different job, and the back on the first job. It went pretty well, though damn did it get hot! Dryer running + 70 degrees of sunshine. I was hydrating like nobodies business. Summer is here! Shorts! Hurray! Though my pants are fitting a bit tighter. That whole "I should actually go through with that gym thing" idea is circling back on my mind. Just going to wait and go over my finances so they are nice and neat. Plus I think there are some other things I need to pay for first.

Erk like...health insurance. Ma, can you email me about what I need to to with that? And AAA...

I gave the bathroom a good clean, and vacuumed the carpets.

Almost done with the Red Dragon audiobook. Feel like continuing the creepy mystery genre with Silence of the Lambs. Then maybe I'll reset my audiobook mood with another Discworld book or two. Hmmm.

Tomorrow is a cleaning, reclaiming, coating, and taping day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

doodlin' the night away

I spent the night drinking wine, watching Argo, and making stickers to send to people. Here are some stickers:

Actually that last one I drew a few nights ago. Anyway. It's fun to draw on the sticker scraps from work. I have plenty of scraps! It's just the ends that get cut off and generally trashed because they are not quite big enough to print anything new on. Good to use for fun things. And the boss told me to take as many scraps as I wanted. Anyhoo...

At work I taped screens and cut stickers and caught a job and boxed that job and vacuumed the studio. Turns out the floor is a much lighter color. Huh! Whoddathunk? It was good to clean as it is quite dusty. Heck, my scanner has collected dust already. Where does it all come from?

It was a very warm day at work, and I stared to get a bit over heated. Time to don the cutoffs. Spring is here, and soon...summer!

It's Wednesday tomorrow. Seems later in the week.

Monday, April 8, 2013

quoth the man who caught Hannibal

I'm letting my cut finger air out tonight. I finally am able to crack the knuckle, which is something that has been bothering me for the past few days. I'll still keep it in a bandaid, just to protect it. But yay, it is healing nicely!

Cleaned screens. Reclaimed screens. Finished cutting the stickers that I wasn't able to cut on Friday due to cutting myself. Bagged those stickers. A short day, but hey can't complain about short on a Monday.

Even though I could go, I didn't feel up for gaming night.

I put Anathem on pause to listen to Red Dragon. I really liked the quote “He viewed his own mentality as grotesque but useful, like a chair made of antlers. There was nothing he could do about it.”. Something about it really resonated with me. Obviously it did, because I made sure to look up the quote when I got home. Antlers make for some powerful imagery.

I made a Safeway run, because Trader Joe's doesn't have everything. Though at least Trader Joe's doesn't have trashy celebrity mags at the checkout counter. Bleh.

Christmas Turducken

Pen in sketchbook.

the scanner is back in black

I kicked butt on running errands today! I got groceries for the week. Salad, apples, etc. Also tried the frozen Bibimbap from TJ's. It was okay. I was still sorta hungry after. I also did laundry and tidied up my room.

I also installed my scanner! It arrived earlier in the week, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it. So I spent the afternoon scanning my sketchbook. Hurray! So happy to have it. It's a sleek thing.

Game of Thrones was awesome. Diana Rigg has joined the cast as Lady Olenna Redwyne, so I dig that.

My finger is fine. It's still under a bandaid though I do have more movement. No infection, no stitches. Hurray! Lets see how I manage work though. That'll be something.