Thursday, March 5, 2015


I'm super frustrated with everything right now, and I don't feel like there's anyone I can really talk to about all the stuff that's frustrating me which is a SUPER great feeling to have. Anyway, here's what I've been up to these past four days:


Worked from home. Did research. Did editing. I think I did other stuff?


Worked on site, but an abbreviated day. Did online research and ordering and we had a power meeting regarding the company set up and tactics. It went for a few hours and my brain fried out, but I think I had some good contributions. Hopefully things take off. I got out early because I had a library errand, and I ended up signing back up for KRL and checked out some comics and books, and then ran a craft supply errand and a comic shop errand, and then got back home at a good dark hour.


Slept in, then read comics in bed for a while. Eventually rolled out of bed, did some work, then packed up and headed for Seabeck. Paid bills. I decided to drive to Seatac and get Ma and Pa, instead of waiting around for the airporter. Driving an extra 2 and a half hours in a day, but getting back into bed at 1am versus leaving the house at 2-3 am. It was an easy drive over, an easy pick up, and an easy drive back. Once again, I slept in. I've been sleeping a lot. I really enjoy being warm and cozy in all my blankets. Wish I could spend more time in bed reading comics.


Dad made pancakes, and I had a palm tree shaped one. Sent off a work email. Saw their vacation photos, which were really good! Lots of birds and beaches. Seems like they had a really good time. Summer can't come for here fast enough. I packed up and headed home to Pulali. Got some gas. Got some ice cream. Settled in. Did research. Had dinner. Hum drum ho hum.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

quadruple representation of days

I am massively behind! I'm sorry!


Worked on site doing lots of photos and research and computer stuff. Did my hair in a sloppy updo to cover up that it was unwashed, though I don't think it was that convincing. Got my payday, so I deposited that on the way home into the ATM (booyah!) and swung through Silverdale and did some errands and then headed home.


Rolled out of bed at a somewhat decent hour, and did some work from home, then left for Seabeck to check on what was shaking out there. ANNNND I forgot the keys to Seabeck, though really that just left me down the mailbox key. I could undo the gate and house no problem with the secreted away keys. So I got the house warmed up, turned up the hot tub, and called Karen to see what pizza she wanted. I ordered Italian and breadsticks from Seabeck Pizza, and when I picked it up there were some Girl Scouts pushing cookies, so I hit up the ATM and slapped down a $20 and bought five boxes: two thin mints, one samoas, one trefoils, and one tagalongs.

Unfortunately the hot tub never got hot enough for us to properly enjoy it, but we did enjoy the pizza and we talked at length about all sorts of things. J'adore Karen.

I went back home to sleep for the night.


Slept in, then I packed up all the trash and recycling, and hauled it to the dump. 6.15 for the can, and all the recycling in their proper containers. The lady at the dump is so chipper. It's been 5-6 weeks since my last dump run. Devoted composting works wonders!

And I continued driving to Seabeck, and got the mail (more books!) and snacked on some of the snacks at the house for a while, then packed up and went back home. Oh! On the way to Seabeck I stopped at Big Beef for a photo because the sun was setting and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Back at home, I started a fire and made a hot toddy and sat and read This One Summer till it was time to sleep.


Right after breakfast, Celia texted me asking to ask if I could help with some first aid, so I dashed right over! She had cut open her finger, so I helped compress a bandaid (after looking into the wound to see if it needed more cleaning). So happy I'm not squeamish.

I gave her some girl scout cookies to help the healing process.

Then I took a lengthy bath and finished reading This One Summer.

Then I worked on more work from home stuff. Had dinner courtesy of Celia.

Lit another fire. It's going out now, but the house is warm enough.

Tomorrow is a work from home day.