Saturday, August 15, 2015

YOU WANNA GO pfft no


Stuck around at home. Talked to Finn about their impending visit. Watched a spider trap a fly and wrap it up. I watered some of the plants, but it was good I didn't wash all of it because it rained a whole bunch the next day.

My computer kept overheating. Did some work from home.


Made a late evening QFC run and had a bit of an altercation with a lady who was grumpy. She seemed to be double parked in front of the store and I stopped well away from her. and yet she honked at me! I gave her an incredulous look that she didn't appreciate so I showed her my map of West Virginia. Then she opened her door and started to step out and yelled "YOU WANNA GO!?" at me, so I quickly put the car into drive and was like "byyyeeeeee". She seemed to be fumbling to take a picture of me, or maybe pull a gun??? I dunno, there was something dark in her hand. I drove away and she was right behind me, but didn't follow as I turned right. Jeeze. Like yeah I wasn't no angel, who who gets out of a car instead of just honking more or driving away with more vigor?

Did some work from home. Got my schedule for tomorrow.

Also it was rainy and stormy and there was thunder and lightning. Now everything is watered, hurray!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

wax on wax off


Last long day on the boat. Alarm went off at 7ish. Got out of bed at 8ish. Left 9ish to meet Dad at the boatish. I swung by QFC and got doughnuts. Bismark, raspberry filled, twist, old fashion, and maple bar. I ate the twist first, then later the bismark. Dad got the doughnut and maple bar. I ate the raspberry on the way home after a long day.

There were new boats in the yard. First I painted another coat on the boat. I did another 'nother stripe on the top. Helped dad with the sealant. And got to waxing later in the day. I was pretty splattered with paint, and got a bit pink. Not burned, just pink. Dad got McDonald's for dinner. Hurray! He followed behind me with the big buffer as I applied wax.

Got outta there just before 8. Sat very tiredly at home and crawled into bed.

Listened to Ready Player One, which is okay. Break from podcasts for other audio media.


Slept in. Well actually I woke up, but lay awake thinking in bed letting my body relax.

I'm less worn out than I thought I would be. I wrote up an invoice for Dad for the boat work. I worked my other odd job. Snacked. Dropped off the invoice at the post office. Talked to Celia. I watched some Chopped.

Got a lot done! Now I got a bit of a break time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

tidying up shop

My ankle hurts, and I'm on this course of antibiotics from the doctor and now everything tastes like I've been licking quarters. I think the food has expired, but then I drink some water and it also tastes weird. Bleh. Hopefully it doesn't last. Two pills a day for a week, let's see whassup.


Got up a bit early and made some coffee for me and Phil. We chatted a bit and he headed out at 10ish to check out Tacoma. I checked up on Corbie.

Then I took a nap. I think the antibiotics are making me tired too. Hmmn.

Took out the compost and washed dishes and tidied up and watered plants. Things were in major need of a look over around the property. Busy week!


Woke up earlyish then went back to sleep. Then got up late and confirmed tomorrow for a work on boat day.

Composted more neglected leftovers. I'm just not creative with a lot of food.

There are green beans on the green bean plants! But the plants themselves just are not clinging to the strings on the trellis. I sort of shifted the plants around to lean to the sides in hopes that they'll climb up. Shouldn't have planted them in the middle.

Worked on editing photographs for the client. So earned SOME money. Whooo.

My ankle hurts.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

if you can't say anything nice, you probably aren't me. I love you Karen!!


Got a little bit of a late start out of the house. Swung by the art store and got a new three pack of sketchbooks. Got to the boat at 2. Got my soap. Got to scrubbing. Four days to do that scrub! It's finally finished! Now to just do a bunch of other stuff to the boat, but first: my weekend.

I got a bit of epoxy in my eye, but I rinsed it pretty quick.

Back at home, I relaxed. I took a nice shower. My knees are pretty bruised from kneeing on the hard ground. My legs are in such bad shape. Bruises, scuffs, scrapes, scars.


The big day! Edding-way! All-smay edding-way. aybe-may ot-nay ention-may.



Karen and Rob are MARRIED!!!!!

It was a small wedding. There will be a bigger one soon. This was more the ceremony, the signing of papers, immediate family, and food. I changed my ensemble. Reddish dress, pearls, earrings, silver nail polish, Tom's, tan jacket, bracelet, hair in a bun (should have worn it down...then again up is better for pearls). I looked pretty good. And my makeup turned out a'ight.

I helped Karen get zipped into her dress. I gave her a gift of one of those five year diaries, where there's space for five sentences on one page, each page representing a day but over the span of five years. You get what I'm saying? Seemed like a good wedding gift. A lot is going to happen in these next five years. A lot always happens. But yeah. I'm the blogger with the blog with all the writing of all the things. I spent last night going through my blog to get quotes to put into a speech for Karen.

She looked so beautiful! Her dress was floaty with blue flowers, and she wore this blue and white semi shawl that I gave her for her birthday (awww!!). Her hair was in an updo. She looked so good. Top Karen look, fo' sho. It's just, you never know what is going to happen when someone sits behind you in a class, and how your life will change because they are in your life now.

I was so happy to be a part of this day. I was a witness even! Signed the paper and all that.

The wedding was at her parent's house in Keyport Poulsbo area. They got married outside. No big to do, just them and the officiant and vows. Really wonderful vows. And it started to rain, but not SO much. But still rain. Food was amazing! Like a full days worth of cooking. There were taco fixings and guac and chips and more meat and just...so much food! I could have eaten more, but I saved room for cheesecake. And I didn't want to eat all the tortillas. Tacos are the best.

There were some other PNCA buddies there. Nice to do a little bit of catching up. Phil and BT namely. Phil was going to try camping up by the Elhwa, but it was full up so he's at my place right now, but sleeping in his truck to try to sleeping in his truck as a camping method. BT's parents picked him up from Karen's. His mom is darling.

I know good people. It's good to know good people. Feels good.

I left the shindig at around 7:30. It was wrapping up at about then anyway. Like I said, low key but excellent. Met SO MUCH of Karen's family and Rob's family. Rob's sister Lisa is nice. Rob and Lisa's dad is named Joe. And there were babies everywhere. Fertile people abound!

OOOH have to get sheets out of dryer. Anyway, got back home. Did dishes. Tidied up. I have some housekeeping stuff to do tomorrow. After so much loafing, it's odd to have the feeling of "well this is my two day weekend" but I'm still doing some work from home stuff!

This will be the fastest August on record, I'm sure.

I'm so happy for Karen and Rob. Such adventure awaits!