Tuesday, August 11, 2015

tidying up shop

My ankle hurts, and I'm on this course of antibiotics from the doctor and now everything tastes like I've been licking quarters. I think the food has expired, but then I drink some water and it also tastes weird. Bleh. Hopefully it doesn't last. Two pills a day for a week, let's see whassup.


Got up a bit early and made some coffee for me and Phil. We chatted a bit and he headed out at 10ish to check out Tacoma. I checked up on Corbie.

Then I took a nap. I think the antibiotics are making me tired too. Hmmn.

Took out the compost and washed dishes and tidied up and watered plants. Things were in major need of a look over around the property. Busy week!


Woke up earlyish then went back to sleep. Then got up late and confirmed tomorrow for a work on boat day.

Composted more neglected leftovers. I'm just not creative with a lot of food.

There are green beans on the green bean plants! But the plants themselves just are not clinging to the strings on the trellis. I sort of shifted the plants around to lean to the sides in hopes that they'll climb up. Shouldn't have planted them in the middle.

Worked on editing photographs for the client. So earned SOME money. Whooo.

My ankle hurts.

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