Saturday, August 15, 2015

YOU WANNA GO pfft no


Stuck around at home. Talked to Finn about their impending visit. Watched a spider trap a fly and wrap it up. I watered some of the plants, but it was good I didn't wash all of it because it rained a whole bunch the next day.

My computer kept overheating. Did some work from home.


Made a late evening QFC run and had a bit of an altercation with a lady who was grumpy. She seemed to be double parked in front of the store and I stopped well away from her. and yet she honked at me! I gave her an incredulous look that she didn't appreciate so I showed her my map of West Virginia. Then she opened her door and started to step out and yelled "YOU WANNA GO!?" at me, so I quickly put the car into drive and was like "byyyeeeeee". She seemed to be fumbling to take a picture of me, or maybe pull a gun??? I dunno, there was something dark in her hand. I drove away and she was right behind me, but didn't follow as I turned right. Jeeze. Like yeah I wasn't no angel, who who gets out of a car instead of just honking more or driving away with more vigor?

Did some work from home. Got my schedule for tomorrow.

Also it was rainy and stormy and there was thunder and lightning. Now everything is watered, hurray!

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