Monday, August 17, 2015

brides and print-judice


Went to pick up Bodi at a business lunch in Poulsbo. Got caught by the bridge by three cars. Oh well. Still got there at not the worst time. Met boss at Pho Y&N...T&N? The Pho place in Poulsbo. Got food. Talked projects. Traded off Bodi for another Bodi sitting weekend. Hurray!

Swung by Seabeck and got my mail and said hi to Ma and Pa. Dropped off my check. Went back home to relax, whoo!!

Sunday & Monday:

Got up too early and was very groggy. Gave Bodi a little walk and did my makeup and loaded up on coffee and snacks and picked up Celia and off we went! To Seabeck! I dropped off the car and Ma and Celia and Bodi and I got into the Prius and off we went to something Valley for Averie's bridal shower. Averie is getting married in two weeks, ahhh!!! So soon!

We were a bit late, but all was well. Bodi bonded well with the other dog Joey and he was well acquainted with Honeybear. I snacked and we played a game where we got points based on items in our purses, and a scatergories game, and a word jumble. I didn't win, but still fun! There was good company and Averie is looking fab. Not fully sure what I'll wear to the wedding. Maybe that black and blue spotty dress?

The party didn't go late, which was nice. Got back to Seabeck at a good hour. Put a new gasket on the seemingly leaky oil gasket. Drove back to Pulali and listened to the Britney Spears episode of Mystery Show. A very good episode indeed!

I was very tired upon return. I took a bit of a nap at 8, but it was readily apparent I needed a full sleep. So I just put on jammies and went to bed at 10, and was woken up at 2 and walked Bodi for a bathroom break, and dozed some more. Eventually rose at 9ish. Had breakfast. Cleaned house. Listened to more Mystery Show episodes.

Boss was picking Bodi up this time, and delivering a print. She was stuck in construction, so had a long ride over. We took a walk through the woods, as is nice to do after a long drive, and moved the print upstairs to where I had cleared out space for it. It just fits! With about 4 inches of room to spare. The frame has plexi instead of glass, so it isn't super heavy, which is nice if I decide to move it (I don't think I will though, I like it where it is). It's an artist proof, so I see a few little misalignments, but that is part of its charm. It's still an absolutely beautiful print.

Yuji Hiratsuka's Crab Dancers. Tomorrow Celia will help me hang it properly.

So You Think You Can Dance was fun.

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