Saturday, August 22, 2015

no pity for poopers


There is a mouse in my house! I need to get batteries for the trap. It's in the pantry but I've seen some poops in the kitchen too. Celia came over to help hang my piece. Got the studs marked, but the piece is not hung. Didn't do much else.


Went to Poulsbo to run a quick errand and saw a matinee of The Man From UNCLE. It was fun, some nice action sequences indeed with nice practical looking effects. Armie Hammer such is a hunkamunka. Back at home I worked a bit. Made some earrings. Dyed my hair too! Wait....no I think I saw the movie on Wednesday and did the earrings then and dyed my hair this day and worked from home and the internet was awful. Sorry, got all mixed up. My internet was bad so I didn't blog. Three days I guess is when I forget what happens on which day.


Ma and Pa came over to help chop wood and clear brush and hang my piece. A quick day visit. The piece is hung, but it isn't centered, so we'll need to get some Molly Screws to hang it properly. We three went to 101 Brewery for lunch. I got the avocado bacon burger and it was delicious. And a pint of pale ale. Nice little restaurant! I guess there is stuff to do out here.

I decided to go to Poulsbo to pick up my copy of Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon. Picked up my book at Liberty Bay Books. Didn't know it was in soft cover! So that was a nice surprise. I was prepared to pay for hardback. I swung by the Marine Store and bought candy. Dropped off some books at the library. Filled up my tank at Safeway. Went to Central Market and got udon, Yakult, Lychee Calpico, green beans, apples, and some chocolate. I also tested some of the aromatherapy scents and splashed a bit too much eucalyptus on me but I guess you aren't supposed to use them like perfume??? Errr. The smell has faded by now. I don't wear deodorant or perfume really. I just try to smell like soap...or nothing.

Headed home. Reset the trap inside. The trap keeps getting set but there is no body to show for it. No compassion for mice.

Also hey, I've been doing this blog for eight years now, how 'bout that?

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