Saturday, August 24, 2013

in the woods


Another relaxed day at work. And I have a three day weekend! Which is very much needed as I haven't been sleeping well. My nights have just been very restless. Anyhoo. I touched up the gilding, I cut some stuff, I cleaned screens, I put away stuff. I finished The Amber Spyglass and oh what a heart punch of an ending! I tidied up the studio a bit too. Oh! And taped screens for a job. But all in all, it was a short day. Sometimes there are lulls in the printing, and that is not so bad. Well. Not so bad now that I'm making more money!

I planned to see The World's End with Steve in the evening, but he had a ways to come down (from San Francisco) so I had time to clean house, and vacuum, and relax. I will have hard wood floors at my new place, so now I'll have to get felt for my furniture. I've picked up some sliders, which I'll put under the bed, as that will probably have to be moved a bit as I settle my room.

So The World's End was pretty funny! I want to watch it again. Spaced, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead. All the same cast members reoccurring. That humor. The friendship. Very much its particular thing. I'm sure it'll do well on a repeated viewing.


Steve and I drove to Jeffrey's for brunch to try them out. It was standard diner fair, nothing really to write home about. Though I am writing right now and people at home will read about it. From there we got on Highway 1 and then went to the Nisene Marks State Park to do a little loop hike. The road was annoying to drive on. Narrow. Tons of cyclists and pot holes. But the park was very nice. Redwoods and small loops and not a lot of people. The weather was perfect for it too. Hot, but not sweltering. And we had the forethought to bring a water bottle. Always a bonus. The trails were very up and down though. Not a lot of flat paths. Though that was only in the section we were in.

Due to having a man date with Adam and Kyle, Steve departed after that. I forgot to call you back Mom! I'll call you tomorrow! Anyway. I ran an errand. Washed the dishes. Worked on my map. Watched The Bridge, which is an American adaptation of a Danish/Swedish show Bron/Broen, which is a border crossing crime drama. The adaptation is very good.

I'm very happy to have this three day weekend. Just knowing that Monday is open as well. Ah. It's good.

I also spent some time thinking about how I'm going to layout my new room. It'll be tricky, but I'll make it work somehow.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Today at work, after I broke down the press and cleaned squeegees and floodbars, I was assigned the task of gold leafing these two signs! Waah! How fun! First I had to paint on the gilding size stuff. Basically a specific glue for the task. So I put that on it. Then once it had sat for 45 minutes to an hour I delicately placed gold leaf from sheets onto it using a brush and my finger to press it down and on. Damn it looked good. Slow and steady! So good. And Boss was very pleased with my work. Positive reinforcement is awesome. And playing with gold is just so cool. One sign was gold gold, the other was white gold. I think there will be more leafing tomorrow as well. So fun.

I took a nap when I got home. Feeling so tired lately.

Then I crossed another thing off my "to do" list. And added another thing to it as well...so it still stands as three things to do. But I should get another thing done tomorrow. It's all good.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

naps are nice

Felt funky all day. Like there was a sort of pressure behind my eyeballs. Not enough sleep? Too much vinyl weeding? Not enough veggies? Probably the last thing. I should get some salad.

Work? Well work was catching a couple small jobs. Whipped up some discharge ink. Burned some stuff. It's all come into a nice rhythm. Oh and weeded a bunch of vinyl and cut some large laminated images.

At home I took a nap. Then grilled my left over lunch PB & J for dinner.

Started Amber Spyglass! Whoo!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

fantasy map

pencil and watercolor
9" x 12"

now to start naming places!

awwwWOOOOOOOO at the moon

Whooo! I bought this cool wolf shirt that my pals Dom and Morgaine made! And Morgaine included a little hand charm in the package too. They are just too awesome by half! I've been cutting the sleeves and collars out of my shirts. Makes them sooo much more comfy to wear. Not ALL my shirts, but some of them.

I spent my night refining this imaginary planet with its continents and islands and stuff. Fun fun!

Work. Counted in some odd shirts and caught them. Weeded vinyl. Burned some screens. Weeded more vinyl.

I think I'll be learning how to work the embroidery soon. Hopefully it is easier than it looks.

Etsy makes it so easy to support my pals. Etsy and Kickstarter.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

measure twice, protect against scuffs once

It ended up being a short day at work. A job was ran. I coated screens. I activated a new thing of emulsion. Tomorrow there shall be more shirts, so that should be cool.

Nice to have a shorter day though. Had a weird restless night sleep.

I met Jeff (housemate Jeff) to go through a housing agreement contract. I met Chris, who is moving out, which sucks because he was really easy to talk to and was really nice and seemed like he would be a good roomie, but alas he is moving out. So the house will be Jeff, Tara, a forth person yet unknown, and myself. The contract is pretty straightforward "no candles, this is how it goes" type stuff. After I signed it (I start moving in on the 15th, which is awesome because I only pay half a months rent instead of the full kebab) I went to my room and took measurements so that I can measure my existing stuff and figure out how it'll all fit.

I'll need to but some felt for under my bed, and maybe a little rug thing for under my desk/chair as I have wood floors and I don't want to scratch/gouge them (as that will cost me if/when I move out).

So that was thing 1 crossed off my 4 thing to do soon list.

Monday, August 19, 2013

so hot during the week but pretty mild this weekend


Ran my work clothes through the wash. Cleaned some stuff using cleaning advice I googled and it worked! Yay! Later in the day I drove up to Mountain View for a board game night with Nate, Helen, Carmen, and Josh! I was the first to arrive (N and H were already there). We had some tea and we chatted and caught up. J and C arrived with soup and Helen made gluten free bread and we all ate food and then set about figuring out how to play Small World, a table top game. It was pretty fun once we figured out what was going on. There are a lot of options for different types of scenarios, so game play doesn't get repetitive. Like Risk except more fair. I came in squarely in the middle, with Nate total winner and Helen a close second. Nate is good at these sort of strategy type games. I'm better at Khet.

I got a bit turned around (took an exit too early) on the way back but didn't get too detoured.


Another wonderful sleeping in day. I like not having to worry about finding a place to live. I was expecting that process to be really prolonged.

I did my groceries and did a CVS run for soap and stuff. I sat on the porch and worked on this story I've been working on and did some drawings to accompany my notes. It's a color coded notecard system right now. It's fun to get back into world building.

A nice relaxing weekend. Not too much hub-bub.