Wednesday, August 21, 2013

awwwWOOOOOOOO at the moon

Whooo! I bought this cool wolf shirt that my pals Dom and Morgaine made! And Morgaine included a little hand charm in the package too. They are just too awesome by half! I've been cutting the sleeves and collars out of my shirts. Makes them sooo much more comfy to wear. Not ALL my shirts, but some of them.

I spent my night refining this imaginary planet with its continents and islands and stuff. Fun fun!

Work. Counted in some odd shirts and caught them. Weeded vinyl. Burned some screens. Weeded more vinyl.

I think I'll be learning how to work the embroidery soon. Hopefully it is easier than it looks.

Etsy makes it so easy to support my pals. Etsy and Kickstarter.

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